“Shenoa and I wanted to publish her life story in a book, but we did not know how to start. When she read in the Facebook group ‘Christelijke Vrouwen’ that you are a coach, she asked if you wanted to coach us to finish the book. You have prepared a road map for us. We have followed that step by step and you encouraged us so that the book was ready to send to the publisher in a short period of time. If you want to write a book, it’s good to have somebody to help you do it. Thank you Francisca!” Truus D. & Shenoa M. – Authors

“My sister you have done a great work and praise be to God you have the victory through touching people’s hearts. Keep it up!” Sophia L 

“I thank God for this training. It has given me certainty (support). I can apply it in different ways. The most important thing that stuck with me is step 6 because this demotivates every time. But I am very pleased and would again like to be at the next training. It has to be deep inside of me!! E. Mook – Mumpreneur

“Francisca Payne, I now thank you, I’m really going deeper with God.” Y. Rademaker – Worship leader

“I wanted to share my joy with you, because of the training. After following certain steps I was able to make new choices. And I’m going a different direction, at a speed pace! So, I want to stay in touch with you because it’s going very fast! I’m so happy, I often think of you and the training. Keep it up, u are helping others!”  OKO – Business Owner & Event Organizer

“Francisca is a woman with who you can talk about everything! And what is also important, she’s a good listener. From my personal experience, I have noticed that when I talk with Francisca I am much more positive and motivated. I can even stand up for myself more!”  E. Tolud – Mumpreneur

“Francisca shares a burning desire to help and motivate women from all backgrounds in order to strive for their goals and dreams they set for their lives. She is a caring and passionate lady with a strong spiritual faith and I am truly indebted to her as she has helped me to discover my strengths but more importantly my weaknesses, which have been holding me back for a very long time and really hindered my success until now. It’s a pleasure and an honor to have you as a mentor, accountability partner and friend. Thank you”  M. Sappor – Network Marketeer

“Am happy having you at this time of life. I love your inspirational words. I know you will also help me to make the right decision for my life.” Ab.

“I had gone through a situation that left me confused, sad, hurt and I suppose in a way I was left overwhelmed. After speaking to Francisca, I felt a sense of hope and I guess I finally got a sense of who I am and I finally was able to come to a conclusion of what I needed to do in order to move forward from the situation that I had just faced.”   Vicky – Executive International Business Developer

“I found today’s workshop refreshing & uplifting! It was enjoyable & thought provoking.”  Antonia R – Mother

“I was feeling down because things weren’t working out the way I wanted to and I felt like giving up. After we had a long conversation I found the hope and courage to continue. Her words were very motivating , reminding me that to have success hard work is necessary and sometimes a little motivation from a someone who cares. I am still motivated and striving for great success.”  M. Schmidt – Entrepreneur

“It’s been great. I have learnt a lot about myself. I have realized some positive things about myself and I have learnt to set goals and aim to achieve them.”  V. Sowah – Customer Service Representative

“Firstly I would like to thank God for letting me meet you because if I hadn’t met you, trust me, my life would have been on the same spot…crying in misery, feeling defeated. I noticed how you don’t like to be defeated because you trust in God that He has greater plans for you. In a space of less than a week I have managed to sort some very important things! Thank you for strengthening my faith in God. I was lost but I am finding myself now!”  Angelina – Care Worker