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Some of you are CALLED by God TO SERVE others by building a business, write books, organize events and so on. Others are called to serve by using their skills within their current job. Whatever your Calling may be, I want to you realize that every single day of your life counts!

I don’t know how PRODUCTIVE you have been this year compared to last year. I don’t know how DEDICATED you have been this year compared to last year. But one thing I do know and that is that you can’t get this year back when you step into the next one!

I have A FEW QUESTIONS I would really like to ask you:

a. Why didn’t you do yet what God has asked you to do?
b. Why are you not obeying His voice?
c. When will you finally admit that the way you live your life now isn’t giving you the fulfillment you desire and deserve?
d. When will you stop torturing yourself as if you are a child of Satan (by sabotaging yourself) and start living as THE WINNER you are called to be, through Jesus Christ?

I know my questions may sound a bit confronting but these are questions I genuinely want to ask you as the Life Calling Strategist I am called to be! 

All I want (for you) is to see you experience the DEEPER JOY AND PEACE that comes from serving the people you are called to serve and to see you walk on this earth as THE LEADER you are called to be! 

Our brother Less Brown always says: “There is GREATNESS inside of you.” and I want to encourage you today by saying: “Step into it NOW!!”

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