My Services

Whether you’re a business owner, a start-up entrepreneur, a ministry leader, a new or well established author or a hardworking mum with a God-centered mission you have got one, important person to deal with – yourself. You don’t have to do this success thing all on your own, with no one in your corner to cheer you on, show you the ropes, or help you strategize smart decisions.

My goal is to help you reach your destiny and fulfill your Calling while we both work together with the Lord. Have a look and see below how I will be able to give you a helping hand!


4-Days KickStart Program

The 4-days KickStart program is designed to help you start taking the first steps towards the vision God has given you for your life. Most women feel overwhelmed by their Calling but only a few ask for help. For the ones who would love some help and support I’ve created this 4-days KickStart program called ‘Step Into Your Calling’.



Coaching Program

This Coaching Program ‘Walk In Your Calling’ is perfect for you if you already started going for your Calling but feel stuck now. It will help you to overcome your obstacles and become more productive. This Coaching Program will also help you if you feel overwhelmed sometimes and find it difficult to stay focused!



WOAM Mastermind Group

Do you ever wish you had someone to come alongside you, brainstorm solutions with you and encourage you to keep taking steps toward your Calling? Become part of a small group of women who are committed to supporting and encouraging each other on the journey toward building a meaningfully productive & purposeful life.



Public Speaking

If you are looking for an inspirational Christian speaker to add a real sense of practical and passionate expertise, while delivering high value PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT content, look no further than Francisca Payne.