Success Coaching

If you are looking for a way to overcome your emotional and mental blocks, such as fears and doubts, so you can be more successful in your life then success coaching is the right way for you to accomplish that. Not only will you achieve your goals faster and with much more ease but I will also teach you how to stay focused on your priorities, manage your time wisely and grow your confidence.

Note: The coaching sessions will be customized to your personal needs. This allows us to work flexible and at a pace you feel comfortable at.


The benefits of working with me are:

  • you stop procrastinating
  • you reach the milestones you set
  • your personal performance improves
  • your self-confidence goes up
  • and so much more…



  • two sessions a month (bi-weekly)
  • every session is max 50 minutes
  • we do them on video calls or on the phone



  • 10 Days Challenge Success Diary workbook
  • monthly unlimited email/online support (worth £400)
  • worksheets to support your progress (ex. time-management, prioritizing, .. )



  • £250 a month


What others say about working with me..

“She guided me in getting super clear on my objectives and helped me break down the details of what it would take to get there with ease and grace. I felt excited, free and totally amazed at the possibilities. Francisca gave above and beyond of her time and energy to help me get clear on what I need to do and how I need to do it.” Marvis Castillo, Curacao

“Francisca was very helpful in achieving one of my goals this year. Her coaching and mentor strategies are of a high level.” Safiri Uiterloo, Almere

“Since last summer I walked around with a plan to start a support group for women in the neighborhood. I had some trouble making a plan and asked Francisca Payne for advice. Francisca encouraged me to persevere, to let my mind go deeper and put more on paper. Her inspiration and her perseverance gave me the courage to finish the plan.” Mirelly Fabo, Amsterdam


If you are interested in success coaching you can book a free 15 minutes call below so we can discuss how working together will benefit you.


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