Public Speaking


If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to add a real sense of practical and passionate expertise, while delivering high value PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT content, look no further than Francisca Payne.

When Francisca stands on stage, she grabs your attention and you will immediately be drawn to her funny, warm, captivating and inspiring PERSONALITY. Her inspirational story telling comes from a place of experience, leaving your audience inspired to think bigger about themselves, their lives and their future.


Recently spoken..

World Book Day 2017 & 2018 were both very inspiring days for the children of Year 6 at Woodhouse Primary School in Quinton.

Francisca Payne was invited to talk about her story and share her journey on how she became a published author. Her personal experience, such as the death of her younger brother at the age of 11, impressed the children and helped them to see that you can write books that are inspired by your own life story or personal experiences, also known as non-fiction. With her inspiring words of wisdom Francisca encouraged the children of year 6, especially the ones who expressed a desire to become a published author, to go for it and keep developing their skills. By the end of her talk both the children and the teachers very excited about becoming an author and pleased to have Francisca Payne at their school!

Testimonial: “Francisca Payne visited our school as part of our celebration of World book Day. It was a rare opportunity for our year 6 pupils to meet a published author and ask questions about the writing process. The pupils were thrilled to meet Francisca and enjoyed listening to her words of advice about how to pursue a writing career. The question and answer session was highly informative and the children had a unique opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed and informal environment. 

Thank you for taking the time to come into school and share your experience and advice. You offered lots of words of wisdom and encouragement – thank you!”  Miss Spencer – Year 6 Teacher

Testimonial: “Francisca visited our school today to talk to the children about writing and publishing books. The children were encouraged to ask questions and were provided with useful and practical advice. The visit was made more exciting by the fact that her son, who is in our class, had published a book of his own. This reinforced the message that you’re never too young to start writing, which is one of the main points that Francisca was trying to convey.

The children enjoyed the visit and we thank her for giving up her time to come and talk to us.” Mr Dunn – Year 6 Teacher  

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