Public Speaking


If you are looking for an inspirational Christian speaker to add a real sense of practical and passionate expertise, while delivering high value PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT content, look no further than Francisca Payne.

When Francisca stands on stage, she grabs your attention and you will immediately be drawn to her captivating and inspiring PERSONALITY. Her inspirational story telling comes from a place of experience, leaving your audience inspired to think bigger about their lives and how they perceive themselves in Christ.

Francisca is straightforward, an unforgettable personality and definitely the highlight of any event she speaks at.

Francisca’s Inspirational Talk


Your audience will get inspired:

  • to walk more by faith
  • to set and achieve goals
  • to develop a winner’s mentality
  • to take full responsibility for their life
  • to feel confident about who they truly are
  • to become bold and confident to take action

Not only does Francisca live and breathe her Be A Winner philosophy, but she has helped Christian women from all over the world to change the way they think – and act. Whenever she shares the techniques and lessons that helped her, her clients and audience naturally adopt an ‘I am, I can and I will-attitude’ which helps them to become confident, bold and successful…..exactly the way God intended us to be.

If you want to add something unusual, inspiring and empowering to your next event, book the inspirational speaker, Francisca Payne.


“It’s been great. I have learnt a lot about myself. I have realized some positive things about myself and I have learnt to set goals and aim to achieve them.”  V. Sowah – Customer Service Representative

“I thank God for this training. It has given me certainty (support). I can apply it in different ways. The most important thing that stuck with me is step 6 because this demotivates me every time. But I am very pleased and would like to be at the next training. It has to be deep inside of me!! E. Mook – Mumpreneur

“I wanted to share my joy with you, because of the training. After following certain steps I was able to make new choices. And I’m going a different direction, at a speed pace! So, I want to stay in touch with you because it’s going very fast! I’m so happy, I often think of you and the training. Keep it up, you are helping others!”  OKO – Business Owner & Event Organizer

Recently spoken..

World Book Day 2017 was an inspiring day for the children from Year 6 of Woodhouse Primary School in Quinton.

Francisca Payne was invited to tell her story and answer questions from the children about being an author. Her personal experience, such as the death of her younger brother, impressed the children but helped them to also see that you can write books that are inspired by your own life story or personal experiences, also known as non-fiction. By the end both the children and the teachers very excited about being a writer and pleased to have Francisca Payne at their school!

Testimonial: “Francisca Payne visited our school as part of our celebration of World book Day. It was a rare opportunity for our year 6 pupils to meet a published author and ask questions about the writing process. The pupils were thrilled to meet Francisca and enjoyed listening to her words of advice about how to pursue a writing career. The question and answer session was highly informative and the children had a unique opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed and informal environment. 

Thank you for taking the time to come into school and share your experience and advice. You offered lots of words of wisdom and encouragement – thank you!”  Miss Spencer – Teacher year 6