Here are the exclusive ways I help my clients, on their journey, to create the success they want in their business.



In this session we’ll focus on HOW you can position yourself better as the leader you are called to be. We can look at everything from your business goals and dreams to your habits, actions and challenges. By the end of the session you will know exactly what to do next and how to do it. And if you need any extra tools such as worksheets, checklist etcetera, they will be provided during or after the session. This Leadership Mastermind session is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to step up and move their business to the next level.

“She guided me in getting super clear on my objectives, then helped me break down the details of what it would take to get there with ease and grace. I felt excited, free and totally amazed at the possibilities. Francisca gave above and beyond of her time and energy to help me get clear on what I need to do and how I need to do it.”

The price is £250 ($317) for a one-hour and a half session on Zoom.




In this session we are going to tackle the limiting beliefs and thoughts that are blocking you, stopping you or holding you back. You will learn to apply a simple but very powerful technique that will instantly shift your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. By the end of the session you feel empowered, uplifted and totally ready to move forward with your business. This Mindset Transformation session is perfect for every entrepreneur or business owner who is struggling with self-sabotage, procrastination, self-confidence, stress, fear, worry etc…

“I have grown enormously in thinking more positive and in letting go of my bad habits. I am extremely pleased that I have been able to get to know Francisca. Words can’t explain how grateful I am that she helped me to walk better in my calling.”

The price is £150 ($197) for a one-hour session on Zoom.



In this DEEP DIVE intensive session we are going to focus on the 3 stages you have to go through to successfully start your business/- project or to successfully make a transition within your business. We will look at everything from your business goal & structure to the management of your business and the sales & marketing activities. We will also work on your mindset, attitude and leadership skills. By the end of the session you will have your own business/- project execution plan and the clarity and confidence to make it happen!

BONUSES: 30 days unlimited online support (email, messenger etc), a 60 minutes Follow Up call within 30 days and mindset tools (a guide, checklist and worksheet)

“I had an amazing experience with Francisca Payne! She has the uncanny ability to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time! She helped me in a tremendous way and put a framework to my passion, which is to coach and inspire young adolescents to reach their full potential in life. Thank you so much Francisca!”

The price is £500 ($627) for a max 4 hour session on Zoom. (incl. breaks if needed!)



*** Book a 15 minutes call below if you are interested in one of these services. This call will allow us to get to know each other a little better and to find out if the service is exactly what you need.