The 5 Habits of the Most Successful People

successful peopleAre you on a journey to create the best life you can imagine? And have you been successful so far or are you struggling with some of your “old” habits? I know I did when I first started changing my own lifestyle and sometimes I still do… But it becomes easier when you have developed new habits that WILL keep you on track.

Last week I wrote an article on how you can change a habit within 21 days. The title of that article is “Change A Habit within 21 Days” and you can click on it if you would like to get some inspiration on how to do that.


Let’s talk about the 5 Habits the Most Successful People have developed. Here we go…

1.They are Goal Setters!
You can’t achieve anything good in life if don’t decide what you truly want. You have to take some time out for yourself to think about what you really really really want to be, do or have in your life. When you know what you want you can write it down as a plan, as a SMART goal! A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound

2. They are Go-Getters!
Every single person who has ever achieved something good has failed in some way or another. At some points it had been difficult or challenging for all of them. Some even had to change their original plan in order to still get their desired outcome. You just have to keep going and never ever ever ever give up!

3.They are Time-Managers!
The one thing you can control more than anything else is your time. How do you plan your day or week? You are 100% responsible for your life and therefor responsible for what you choose to do in it. Do you watch too much television? Do you stay in bed too long after waking up in the morning? Are you on Facebook every single hour? Whatever you do, use your time wisely!

4.They continue to Learn and Grow!
Education helps you to understand things better. The more you understand something the better you become and the more you achieve in your life. You can focus on your goal and anything that has to do with it by reading about it as much as you can. You can also listen to audios or watch videos! The more you learn the more you grow. And remember that the more you grow to more you can earn!

5.They choose surround themselves with the Right People!
It’s very important to have people around you or connect with people who are positive and inspiring. They will challenge you in a positive way and their energy will always be good for your own emotional, mental and spiritual growth. There are enough people in the world who like to play victims or who are negative…..keeping them around you won’t bring you any good!

As you can see, you are just a few habits away from the success you truly want. Being the best version of yourself and doing what makes you really happy on a regular basis is only possible when you develop the right habits….the habits of the most successful people!

“Every single successful person has started somewhere!”

Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela, great business owners, influential leaders, popular artists and other successful people all surround themselves with positive and like-minded people. Most of them also choose to have a mentor or coach in their lives, as a way to keep them focused on their goals and to keep pushing them forwards. They all knew what they wanted and realized that they could only get there if they had someone who could help and support them!

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Change a habit within 21 days!

Changing a habit can be a though thing to do. It’s not impossible but it can definitively be a challenge.How often do you hear someone who is addicted to drugs or cigarette say that they will stop within 21 days? I don’t think you have ever heard that or that you have heard that often…..

However, it is possible to change any habit within 21 days WHEN you truly go for it……no matter what!

changeI can tell you that I know someone who has managed to do that. Well, not the drugs but the cigarette. And I truly believe that when you really really really want something and really really really push yourself towards it that you will be able to accomplish it! Even though it is not easy….

I remember the first day I bought nicotine patches to stop smoking cigarette.
I was nervous and I didn’t know how my body would react if I would use them. But before I bought them I first had a looooong conversation with the pharmacist because I wanted to understand how these things could really help me IF I would go for it 100%.
I didn’t want to buy the patches without having the guaranty that they would do their work!

That may sound funny but I believe that when I am willing to do my part whoever I am working with or whatever I am using has to do their/it’s part as well. It has to be a WIN-WIN situation! That’s how I think.

So when I understood how it worked I bought them and went home.


Have you ever heard of “massive” action?

No? Okay, allow me to show you what it looks like when you want to achieve an important goal and take “massive” action to achieve it!

Because I had decided to stop smoking cigarette and really wanted to give my best:
1. I took a jar, placed it in the middle of the table (in my living room) and made an appointment with myself that I would put all the money in it that I normally use to buy my cigarette. I did this every two or three days.

massive2. I also told my children what I had decided (to quite smoking) and asked them to support me. This meant that they could talk to me whenever they saw that I wasn’t sticking to my own decision or that I was doing something that didn’t help me to stop smoking.

Later that day I remembered that I had bought a little book a few years ago, from a author called Allen Carr. This man seemed to be an expert on helping people to quit smoking. So, I went to my room to search for the book and found it between all my other “self-help” books!

3.So, I decided to read this book whenever I would have a hard time “not smoking” or whenever it would feel too difficult to keep going.

4. And last but not least, I stood in front of the mirror every day to declare to myself that “I am living a healthy and smoke-free life”!

These four extra steps helped me to stop smoking cigarette WITHIN 21 days….I stopped on the 16th day! And now we are four years later! That’s what I call the power of taking “massive” action!

Conclusion: When you really really want to change a habit it is possible to change it within 21 days. All you need to do is to believe that you can do it and make some (extra) supporting choices (take massive action) to help you win!

If you want to brainstorm together about what kind of “massive action” you can take to help you to change your habit, just book a FREE 30 minutes Consultation session with me. If I can do it, you can do it too! Just believe in yourself!


Work-Life Balance

I LOVE TO DO RESEARCH about what can improve our lives and what can help us to become better people. The best part of doing research is when I understand how to apply the new knowledge in my own life so that I can benefit from it as soon as possible.wo-liThere is one subject that I find very interesting at the moment and that is Work-Life Balance.

Research shows us that more than 40% of the people who work are neglecting other aspects of their life because of work. I see this as a very important warning. When we give up the things that are good for us it will always effect us emotionally, mentally and/or physically. And that means that we will not be able to work at our best! It makes us unhappy working people when we don’t develop and express ourselves in every area. A good personal life is important for everyone of us because we need to work on our personal development,  spend time with our friends or family members, take walks in the park, visit a gym, go on holidays, enjoy a hobby and so on.


There are different things you can do to help yourself:
  1. doing your best to work smart instead of long. It is smart to decide how much time you want to (or will) spend on your tasks.
  2. saying something about it when you see or feel that the work demands are becoming to much for you. When you say something about it you are giving your team leader or manager the chance to do something about it.
  3. you can also take a look here to see how I can help and support you if you decide to work on this in your own way and in your own time


There are also different ways an organization can help their staff.
  1. sharing information with employees about work-life balance
  2. training managers more about this subject so that they can protect their staff from experiencing mental and physical problems.
  3. allowing  staff to attend supportive meetings and/or activities during working hours as they would for other medical appointments. This way, everyone will benefit from this in the long term.



YOUR LIFE will not and can not change if you don’t believe that you are responsible for what you do, for what you think and for what you choose. There are a lot of people who are waiting for things to change without doing anything to make a change. Some even believe that God will help them to do it…while God has already done His part and is ‘waiting’ for them to take their step in faith. think
There are a few habits that can keep someone in a environment they don’t really want to stay in. These habits can even keep them from achieving their goals and dreams. If you know what you want and also believe that you can achieve it, you will have to overcome these habits. Let’s take a look at these habits for a minute…


1. BLAMING OTHERS (habit no. 1)

People who blame others are people who enjoy playing the game called “Pointing Your Finger”. Their goal is to point at as much people as possible. By doing this they keep themselves out of the spot lights and therefore outside the position called “responsible”.
You can blame others for your problems as much as you want but it will not help you in any way. What you are proving is that you are not confident enough to help yourself and not confident enough to trust God. blaming
People who enjoy blaming others for their problems or circumstances are people who blame the economy, the government, the stock market, their business-model, their employer, their employees, their managers, the post, their husband, their partner, their friends, this world, God and even their parents. They always blame someone or something else but never themselves.


2. JUSTIFICATION (habit no. 2)

People who justify their circumstances are people who say that something “isn’t that bad at all”. They also say that something is good the way it is because, according to them, “there are worst things” than that’. Imagine that they will even say things like: “It doesn’t matter that I don’t have enough money every month, as long as I am healthy and happy”. attitude

Justifying is not a wise thing to do when it comes to moving forward in life or achieving your God-given dreams. If all the areas of your life were not that important then God wouldn’t have promised a good life ~ in abundance ~ and He wouldn’t have given His promise for health, wealth, happiness, success and much much more.




3. COMPLAINING (habit no. 3)

Research has shown that what you focus on will expand. So, the worst thing you can do is to constantly complain about something you are not happy with. When you look at the people who complain a lot you will see that they are not really happy and also not very successful.

The reason for that also has to do with the fact that they are using their mouth to complain too much instead of using it to call forth good and positive things in their lives.
The best thing you can do is to refuse to complain about anything!


As you can see it all starts with you and it all ends with you. The person who is fully responsible for everything in your life is the person who is reading this article right now. That person is YOU!

The Quote Garden has some interesting “Quotations about Habits”. You should go and have a look!

Help & Support
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Do you have a Success Diary?

A Success Diary is a ‘must have’ when you are on your journey to success. It is one of the tools that keeps you focused on all the good things that happen in your life on a daily basis. It helps you to remember what you are good at, what you are doing to move forward, how blessed you really are and so much more. diaThe most beautiful effect a Success Diary will have on you is that it builds up your self-confidence and keeps it at a high level. With a Success Diary you don’t need others to tell you how great and wonderful you are OR how good you are doing it in your own life. Your diary will speak for itself!

Keeping a Success Diary is not what most people do. You can do your own research and ask your friends and family members if they have a Success Diary in which they write their daily successes. You will discover that they don’t have one and that they might not even know what you are talking about!

However, a Success Diary is something that most of the successful people have. They keep track of their daily successes. It helps them to keep their focus on the right things and it helps them to stay in a positive vibe. They understand how the mind works and that it’s our own responsibility to feed our mind with what is good, positive and uplifting.



  • The first thing you need is a notebook.
  • Put you notebook next to your bed or on a table in your bedroom so that
    you can see it when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed in the evening.
  • Don’t use your computer or laptop. Writing with a pen will give you a more personal experience and that is the beauty of this whole exercise.



A good way to use your Success Diary is to write in it in the morning and in the evening.
Five things you should definitely write in your Success Diary are:

  1. Every good thing you managed to do
  2. All compliments you have received
  3. When you have shown discipline
  4. When you have finished a task
  5. When you have made someone happy

Doing this will change the way you experience your daily life. It will inspire you to do more good and positive things. And last but not least, it will push you to your goals much faster. And isn’t that what you really want?

A lot of successful women keep a Success Diary, even Oprah Winfrey!

Would you like to use one too? Try this one > Success Diary