Be Passionate

I have worked with two wonderful ladies in the past 3 months and it has been a very active but inspiring period. They wanted me to coach them so that they could complete their book and publish it within 4 months.


Everything went as planned!

Every two weeks they had to work hard to make the necessary changes, add new content and find the right resources (or people) to create their book the way they wanted it. It was a very intensive but very fulfilling period!


Working with these wonderful ladies made me realize again how important it is to be passionate about what God has called us to do. When you are passionate you are willing to work hard. And without hard work there will be no accomplishment!


Here are some tips to help you stay focused and achieve your goal within a short period of time:

  1. Pray when you feel discourage, stressed out or worried
  2. Keep doing what you have planned, no matter what is going on around you (unexpected challenges)
  3. If you can’t do everything just do a little bit. A little bit is better than nothing!
  4. Work together with a coach or another professional. They know how to help you.
  5. Have fun and do the things you like when you are not working on your book (or goal). Relax yourself!


I know these tips will help you so feel free to share this article with others.

I am looking forward to hear from you so that we can work together and fulfill God’s calling in your life! If you are ready now, you can click here to book your FREE Consultation call with me.


Have a blissful week my lovely Sister!

Your Job, Career or Calling?

Last night I had a very important conversation with one of our Sisters in Christ who found herself in a dilemma. She had been working hard to move upward in the company where she works now but for some ‘strange’ reason nothing that she did really worked. But there was ONE INTERESTING THING in her story….God kept on talking to her in different ways about her Calling.

When she was in a church service, when she was having a conversation with someone or whenever she was listening to inspiring christian programs she clearly kept on hearing GOD’S VOICE saying: “Let it go!” But because of her fear of the unknown she didn’t respond to God’s voice.

Last night she couldn’t do it anymore….it was too much for her, it was too clear!


Get Clarity & Make a Decision

 I am THE LIFE CALLING STRATEGIST so of course I knew what was going on. I knew she was afraid to go for her Calling and that she was worried about financial security if she didn’t have/keep a full time job (or worked more than 24 hours a week).

It’s my Calling to help you overcome your fears and doubts so you can develop the right mindset when it comes to your Calling. So I told her what God showed me during our conversation. It immediately opened her eyes, changed her emotions and gave her the confidence to let go and FOCUS ON GOING FOR HER CALLING! Glory to God!

I know she had made the right decision because God had been talking to her already for months but her fear was stopping her from responding to God’s Voice.


NOT the only one

 I am sharing this short story with you because I know that she is NOT THE ONLY ONE who has this problem. God is speaking to you as well and I would love to have a conversation like this with you too.

If you recognize yourself in her story OR if you are ready to take the first steps towards your Calling, contact me asap so we can have a Sister/Brother To Sister conversation about this!

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“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. {Proverbs 27:17}

POWERFUL QUESTIONS To Get Closer To Your Calling

I love living a Purposeful Life! Every day is a new and fresh day….full of inspiration from God! The most inspiring thing, for me, is the adventurous part of it…Glory to God!

The other side of a Purposeful Life is the serious part where we are responsible for WHAT we do…every single day!

It doesn’t matter what God has Called you to do or how often in a week/month you are doing it, the bottom line is that a Purposeful Life (fulfilling your Calling) requires from you that you live life at a higher level….mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!

 As the Calling Strategist my duty is to support you on your journey and to share different methods and techniques to help you follow and fulfill your Calling with CONFIDENCE, BOLDNESS AND SPEED!

The Questions

So, here are 3 powerful questions I want you to ask yourself today. These questions are meant to help you get more in line with your Calling:

1. Where do I sabotage myself on a daily basis? And what could I do instead or differently?

2. What do I already know I need to do, but am I just not implementing?

3. What do I need to do to be the best I can be (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)?

 I hope you can see that it is your duty to do something on a daily basis to keep your focus on your Calling, to keep taking action toward your Calling and to keep giving your best in faith!

Be Confident In Your Calling

You cannot follow your Calling when you have a low self-esteem. Being confident about yourself and your ability to do what needs to be done is crucial.

Here are 7 things you can do to increase your self-confidence ASAP.

1. Think about 10 things you did very well today before you go to bed. Do this every night.

2. If someone gives you a compliment receive it, accept it and say: “Thank you!”.

3. Don’t compare yourself with others. They may look perfect but in fact they are as wonderful as you are.

4. Hang out with positive and successful people. When you do that you will copy their mindset and become more positive and uplifting.

5. Make mistakes because you can learn from them. Everybody makes mistakes…..especially rich and successful people.

6. Eat healthier. If you eat unhealthy food it effects the way you feel and think.

7. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

8. Watch my new inspirational videos on my YouTube Channel  

Believe in yourself because God also believes in you! 

Inspirational Scripture: “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” {Philippians 1:6}

Give your best

I always say that knowing your Calling is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in life. But knowing alone it is not enough for your spirit or for God. I can still remember how my life was when I didn’t know my Calling. I wasn’t really happy and I constantly felt within myself that I wasn’t complete. This ‘feeling’ or emptiness had everything to do with not knowing God and therefore not knowing my Calling either.

When I finally heard from God what my Calling was I didn’t realize it was a Calling, I thought God just gave me some good advise on how to use my skills and talents as wise as possible. Later, when our relationship got better and I got closer to Him, I understood how He sees things and realized that He shared with me why I am here on earth and what He wants me to do in His Kingdom. Hallelujah!


The benefits

My experience is that, from the moment we take action towards our Calling, our self-confidence increases and our inner light shines brighter. We become happier and stronger women of God with a clear purpose in life.

As I said before, only knowing your Calling is not enough. There is a lot more expected from us. Let me show you three things I found out:


  1.  As a Child of God you are responsible to develop the gifts and talents He has given you to use the rest of your life.
  2. You can’t fulfill your Calling when you don’t have priorities, so refuse to be too busy with your business, family, savings or hobby. Refuse to be distracted!
  3. Be focused and committed. Give the best of your time to do the task He has called you for. Meaning, give God your very best!


When you do that God can bring out the best in you! You are called to be blessed and to be a blessing!



“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercifulness of God, that ye make your bodies a living sacrifice: holy and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable serving of God.” {Romans 12:1}


Comfort Zone

Yesterday I made a video about  the topic “comfort zone” and created some posts on my Social Media as well.

pictureToday I want to talk about  it again! As I already mentioned, it doesn’t have to be difficult to step outside of your comfort zone when (not if) you take time to picture yourself BEING how or who you want to be, DOING what you want to do and HAVING what you want to have.

Successful people always takes time to do this! They know that it is necessary to do this because of the power that comes from this technique/method: it will give you the BOOST you need to take action. Yes, it effects your nerves, your body and your whole inner-system. This method helps you to COMPLETELY believe that you can be, do and have what you want or desire. 

In a way this method reminds me of the bible scripture: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” {Hebrews 11:1} The beauty of this technique is that it makes you AWARE of the fact that what you picture is already yours. Why do I say “fact”? Well, because faith is a power that brings things into existence (into reality). Hallelujah!!



When you take time, on a regular basis, to picture yourself the way you want to be, do what you love to do and have what you desire to have you will very soon notice that when you talk about a certain income….you will know that it’s already yours. And when you talk about a certain job position… will know that it is already yours. And when you talk about accomplishing a certain task….you will know that it has already been done by you.

Why does it work that way? Because everything starts on the INSIDE FIRST before it appears on the outside! You have to believe in something first before you will be able to take action (whether consciously or subconsciously) And that is how it always goes…..just think about everything you can see around you.

Everything around you is created by someone who decided to step outside of their comfort zone the way I described above. Now it’s your time to do the same.

Ask for what you want.

Asking for what you want is a skill we need to develop when we want to have more success in our lives. We are not created to do things alone or all by ourselves. Even when God, our Father, created the earth, and everything else in and around it, He didn’t do it all alone or all by Himself (Genesis 1:2 & verse 26). We need others to support us or to help us move forward. I am not saying that we can’t do anything without others, I am just saying that we need help sometimes.

Asking is one of the best and most important skill we can have. But unfortunately it’s one of the less developed quality we use to create our successes.

helpWhy do I say this? When I asked a small group of Christian women if they ask for help easily when they need it, most of them answered “No”. The reasons they gave me were all different but most of them didn’t tell me why. However, their answers didn’t really surprise me.

It seems that we often find it difficult to ask for what we want or need. What really holds us back are the limiting thoughts and believes we have about “asking for what we want”.


Here are two examples of limiting thoughts that hold us back from asking for help:

“If I ask for help, it’s a sign of weakness.”
This way of thinking can make you believe that you have to do it on your own. It can also make you think that something is wrong with you if you do ask for support or help.

“If I ask for help, I will have to do something back in return.”
This way of thinking brings a lot of pressure or worry. It makes you believe that you can’t get help for free or out of unconditional love. And if you know that you don’t want to give anything back in return, it can also make you feel guilty. A tough one is when you (believe that you) don’t have anything to give back and therefor don’t ask for the help or support you need.

>>Exercise: Write down your own thoughts & believes that limit you from asking for the help you need or want (in order to achieve your goal). Now read the scripture below and let go of all of them!

>>Inspirational ScriptureASK…and it will be given to you; SEEK……and you will find; KNOCK….and it will be opened to you.” {Matthew 7:7}


 Your intention is to win so you will have to ASK for what you want or need! Don’t waste your time worrying about what others might think about you or worrying about “losing control” when others help you. No, you need the help and your time is NOW!

So step out in faith and ASK for the support you want or need. Open up your heart to receive it and allow your life to change!

Interview with Colin Treasure

img_0299A few months ago I decided that I wanted to interview a successful person. I wanted to find out how he/she dealt with fears and doubts AND what kind of mindset helped him/her to succeed in life. I had no clue where to start but I was determined to find someone…

A few days later I suddenly remembered that I read something positive, on a leaflet, about a kickboxing teacher who offered kickboxing lessons at my children’s school. So, I decided to approach him!

It happened to be Colin Treasure, a 4th Degree Black Belt, who is a former British kick-boxing champion three times over, and who also holds a European championship title. I was surprised and very happy at the same time!


How it all started

When Colin was younger he wanted to get the attention of his mother and father because he was always overlooked as the third eldest child.

He got involved in a lot of activities at school, mainly sports, and was very good at athletics. Later, Colin went into Martial Arts. He got inspired by Bruce Lee and wanted to be just like him. After a while he found a club where he could learn the art of Kickboxing. He stayed there and became very good at it.

His parents, who were both Christians, didn’t want to see him fight. He invited them several times but they never went to his matches. Despite that he won many tournaments and even participated in several TV programs, such as Gladiators and Family Fortune. Later he managed to get his father to still come to one of the programs!

All he wanted was to show them that he was worth something and that he was pretty good at what he did.


Lessons he has learned

When I asked Colin Treasure what he has learned in life and what he could share with me about dealing with fears and doubts, he answered:

img_0301“When you have a good attitude in life and when you are a nice person, people will help you. Simple things like this can help you get a long way!”

“If you feel that you really want to do something and you believe that you can do it and achieve it…..DO IT! If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter because at least you went for it.”

“In life and from experience people always doubt you and tell you that you can’t do anything. If you listen to that negative voice then you will go with what they are saying. If you really want to do something, be around positive people who think like you, who want what you want and then just go for it.”

“Life is full of challenges, obstacles and hurt but you have to find something positive when something negative happens to you because you’ve got to keep pushing forward. You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say: “You now what, I am just going to carry on.” And then you can be an inspiration for other people!”


The positive results

Now Colin Treasure runs his own business, Aero Kick Community Boxing Gym, in Birmingham. He also goes to different schools with his team, on a regular basis, to provide kickboxing lessons and teach kids about confidence and also about being respectful…

At the end of the interview, he emphasized something that I believe is very important. He said: “No one has the right to say that you can’t do something…because you can! 

(Picture: Colin Treasure with my book Be A Winner)


Discipline – Your Way To Success

Whenever I heard the word “discipline” it made me feel as if it was some kind of burden. It always sounded heavy in my ears, as if it meant something bad. And even though I already performed enough discipline in most of the areas of my life I still didn’t like hearing the word “discipline”. For some reason that word had a negative vibration for me…

In December 2015 I decided to do a course, which is developed by the millionaire Gerry Roberts, and in one of the modules he talked about this same topic “discipline”. The remarkable thing was that, for the first time in my life, I enjoyed reading about this principle. The reason for that was because he knew how to explain it in a very easy and inspiring way.

So now, thanks to him and his inspiration I have decided to share six simple steps to help you build up your own discipline-muscles. I have gone through this 6-step process myself and I am still enjoying the way it helps me. I know that if it helps me it will help you as well.


How To Become More Disciplined in 6-Steps

1. Define Your Purpose
In which area of your life would you like to become more disciplined? Just choose one.
Be clear about what it is you would like to stop doing or what it is you want to start doing regularly.

2. Find Role Models
Do you know someone who is disciplined in this area? It doesn’t have to be someone you know personally. It can be someone who is alive or dead. The point is to think of some people who you believe had control in this area. This step shows you that if they can do it, you can do it too.

3. See The Success
What are the benefits of becoming disciplined in this area? Make a list of all the (good) things you will feel, see, smell, taste, touch, have and do once you are strong in this area. Knowing this will inspire you to work hard(er).

4. Consider The Danger Zones
Because you are not used to being disciplined in this area it will be challenging for you sometimes. You will start off very good and strongly but before you know it you will feel tempted to go back to your old habits or stop doing your best. This is not strange. What will help you is to make a list, before you start, of all the potential situations, people and things that may cause you to fall or stop…and then make a list of how you will handle them.

5. Decide In Advance
Decide in advance what it is you need to do to accomplish the goal you have set in step 1. This step is about knowing exactly what to do and deciding to do it, no matter what! This is very powerful because it is not about how you feel. It is about realizing that your goal is worth the investment.

6. Have A Support Team
Think of someone you respect to help you become disciplined in this area. Find a person who will be strong enough to hold you accountable for the decisions you have made. Keep in contact with this person every week or every two weeks. This will force you to do what you say you will do.

I would like to know what you think about these steps. I want to know if you have done them and how it makes you feel now. You can send me an email to or you can go to my Facebook group (Christian Women SUCCESS Group) and share your experience there with me. I am looking forward to hear from you!

Who do you listen to?

listenHave you noticed that there are different voices in this world? The voice of your parents, of your friends or your family members, of your children (if you have any), of your neighbours, of your teachers, of your church leaders, of God and also your own voice (in your head and when you speak out loud).

When it comes to achieving your goals or dreams it really matters who you choose to listen to. Every day of your life matters and that makes every day important to work on the achievement of your goals and dreams. When you don’t focus on any dream or goal you can end up wasting your time, your day and even your weeks (month after month, year after year).

For now I assume that you, who is reading this now, have goals and dreams….things you would love to achieve in your life.

The moment you decide to go for something you are starting a journey, a journey to go from A to B. While you are on your way to your desired destiny you will communicate with others about your dreams and goals. The reasons why you do that is because you feel like sharing it with others, because someone asks you a question about your activities, because you are very exited or because of something else…

Almost all of us have (had) the same challenges after sharing our dreams and goals with others. Some of the people around us didn’t believe in us, some didn’t want us to go for our dreams, some others became jealous, some others started talking bad about us behind our back (or even in our face), others suddenly moved away and stepped out of our lives and so on…

In fact, it is very clear that these are not the type of people we can see or even experience as our support team! But they do help us to become stronger and more determined!


who do you listen to when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams?

Listen to people who have what you want!!

Yes! People who have what you want are your role-models….they are the ones who have taken the journey you are taking right now. They are the ones who know what it takes to get to your desired destination. They are the ones who know what to do and what not to do. And yes, they are the ones who will help you, push you and even empower you when you need it!

meet upLook for people in your area, in your city and in your country (or in another country, if you want) who have achieved the goal you want to achieve. Think about where they hang out, both online and offline, and get in contact with them. Depending on your goal or dream, you can ask them some questions on how they have achieved their goal or dream. Or, you can tell them that you are doing a research for yourself and that you would like to know if they are willing to help you with your research by sharing their journey with you. You can approach them in a way that feels good for you, as long as you just do!

“”Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety..” {Proverbs 11:14}

And if you need any other help or support just contact me for a free 30 Minutes Call by clicking on this link > Book A FREE Call!