Mindset Training

‘Transform Limiting Beliefs’

This online training is all about helping you to understand how we form the limiting beliefs which stop us from making progress in our lives. You will learn a powerful technique that is designed to help you to break through the limiting beliefs you have, so you can start achieving the God-inspired goals you have and start walking in your purpose with more confidence.

Whenever we want to grow in life or in business we have to step outside of our comfort zone but the moment we do that we immediately experience fear, doubts or insecurities that pop up in our minds. In this training session you will learn a simple but very powerful technique that is designed to help you transform any negative belief you have within 30 minutes.

After the training you will know exactly what to do whenever you feel stuck in your life or in your business. You will understand where the problem is and how to solve it. The Bible says: ‘As a man thinked in his heart, so is he’, which simply means that the way you think deep in yourself will affect the way you feel and act, which ultimately affects the results you create in your life.

Here is a brief overview of what we will cover during this training:

  1. (Awareness) What our beliefs really are
  2. (Process) How we form our beliefs
  3. (Transformation) How to change our beliefs


This training is ideal for:

  • female Christian entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to the next level by overcoming their fears, doubts and insecurities.
  • female Christian (aspiring) authors who want to publish their book within a year by overcome the writer’s blocks every author has to deal with.
  • every woman who understand the power of the mind and why it is important to learn how to transform limiting beliefs.


The benefits of this training are:

  • discover a proven technique that brings quick changes in your mind
  • experience that you have the power to control your belief system
  • learn how to take control over the direction of your life/business
  • enjoy the freedom in yourself of a more positive/constructive mindset
  • and more…



Date/time: Thursday 4th of April at 7pm GMT (2pm EST)

Location: Online, live on Zoom for approximately 75 min



Bonus 1 – Worksheets to support you during the training (and after).
Bonus 2 – Free version of my newly released Ebook called ‘7 Steps To Your Calling’.



£37.00 ($ 50.00)


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