High Performance Mentoring

If you are looking for a way to be more successful as an entrepreneur then ‘High Performance Coaching’ will help you to achieve that. Within a short period of time you will experience a positive transformation within yourself and within your business. You will no longer feel overwhelmed by the challenges you’re facing. You will no longer feel depressed about your business. You will no longer feel you have to struggle to make things work.

‘High Performance Mentoring’ is designed to help you develop a winner’s mindset, tackle your emotional and mental blocks (such as fears and doubts) and be more in charge of your business so you can reach every business goals you set and create a higher income level.

Note: The coaching sessions will be customized to your personal needs. This allows us to work flexible and at a pace you feel comfortable at.


The benefits of this program are:

  • overcoming procrastination
  • reaching every milestone you set
  • being more focused and relaxed
  • managing your time and activities
  • improving your personal performance
  • higher self-confidence level
  • and more…



  • A 4 months program of one session on Zoom or on the telephone (45+ min)



  • The VIP Goal Mastery Intensive (max 3.5 hrs) – a powerful session where we’ll focus on helping you tackle your most dominant, limiting beliefs & we will create an extremely, effective goal mastery plan.



  • £4997


How others have experienced the coaching sessions:

“She guided me in getting super clear on my objectives, then helped me break down the details of what it would take to get there with ease and grace. I felt excited, free and totally amazed at the possibilities. Francisca gave above and beyond of her time and energy to help me get clear on what I need to do and how I need to do it.” Marvis Castillo

“Francisca is THE business coach you need if you are willing to walk in your purpose with confidence! She is passionate, target and result oriented because of that you will book success on your way towards your purpose. I have experienced that with her. Just a lovely woman of God to work with! I am blessed to have her as my business coach.” Berryl Gill

“You have shown me that it is good to step out of your comfort zone to experience certain things that you can not find when isolating yourself. You taught me to be responsible and to stick to my appointments. It made me realize how important it is to do that if I want to bring about changes in my situation. I really enjoyed our sessions and cooperation. What I greatly admire about you is that you are determined to finish what you have started with me. It was a very nice learning period and I have been able to enjoy every minute of our sessions. Thank you, you are a top woman.” Richelien Florentina


If you are interested in High Performance Mentoring you can book a free 30 minutes call below so we can discuss how working together will benefit you.


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent my program and its potential. Every female Christian entrepreneur’s success depends on her dedication, desire, and motivation. Experienced shared on this website are accurate.