The Warrior's Journey

Do you ever wish you had someone to come alongside you, brainstorm ideas or solutions with you and encourage you to take the right action to successfully start your own business?

If your answer is “Yes” to this question, I have some good news for you: you are not alone!

I understand that you are called to serve others in your own unique way, through your own gifts and talents, and I am here to support you with that. There are other entrepreneurs like you, who want to fulfill their purpose in business. Men and women who want to step up their game and achieve all the business goals they set. Entrepreneurs who believe in their God given vision for their life and business. These entrepreneurs want to encourage you, brainstorm together with you and even benefit from your insight and input into their own business projects.

This is the reason why I am inviting you to join me and these entrepreneurs in my new program called ‘The Warrior’s Journey’. Become part of a group of entrepreneurs who are committed to supporting and encouraging each other on their journey toward starting a successful business and a life of purpose.

The Warrior’s Journey is an ONLINE mastermind program that’s designed to help you start your own business faster and develop a winning mentality along the way. You will get the help you need to tackle your emotional and mental blocks (such as fears and doubts) so that you can create money and freedom in your business and life.

In this mastermind program we are going to focus on the three stages you have to go through to successfully start your business. We will look at everything from your business goal & structure to the management of your business and the sales & marketing activities. We will also work on your mindset, attitude and leadership skills. This program is focused on helping you to take a lot of small action steps with the support of like-minded people, in a positive and safe environment.


During and after this program you will:

  • have your own business execution plan
  • gain clarity and confidence to make it happen
  • develop self-discipline to reach the milestones you set
  • have your priorities in place to take the lead in your industry
  • be focused, relaxed and manage your time better
  • learn principles that guarantee personal and business success
  • start a successful and profitable business
  • gain visibility and connect with your ideal clients/customers
  • and so much more..


The Warrior’s Journey is for you if:

  • you are committed to attending every session and undertaking the work required to make the change happen in your business and life.
  • you desire structure and support and long for someone/others to hold you accountable, so that results are GUARANTEED
  • you want to have simple formulas to personal and business goal achievement, which will work every-single-time.


The Warrior’s Journey is NOT for you if:

  • you are not ready to commit to this kind of investment in personal mentoring yet. If this is you, my other services might suite you better.
  • you want to do this, but you believe, you just don’t have the time OR you are not able to set aside a few hours a week to work on your actions and goals
  • You don’t like being held accountable for your actions (or lack thereof).


If you’ve been struggling alone to figure out how to successfully start your business then ‘The Warrior’s Journey’ might just be what you’ve been looking for!



  • 4 months of bi-weekly meetings via Zoom (every first and third week). Each meeting lasts 90-120 minutes. The meetings are structured in such a way that every member’s voice is heard and everyone can benefit from each other’s perspectives.
  • Private Facebook group. This is a place where the conversations can continue between the meetings. Members can share updates on their progress, ask questions they want input on and share ideas that are relevant to the sessions so you’re fully supported throughout the program.
  • Templates, worksheets, workbooks and checklists to help you keep track and stay organised (as needed).
  • All the benefits of association with a small group of motivated entrepreneurs: accountability, encouragement, real progress, good ideas, focus and community.
  • Have access to different guest experts in every field of business from marketing & sales to money & finances to social media & branding, who all share their knowledge to help you successfully start and grow your business (including some awesome give-aways/freebies).



  • Goal Mastery Intensive – a very inspiring group session where you will create an effective and in-depth action plan so you will know exactly what to do, when, where and with whom.
  • Mindset Transformation session – a very powerful group session where you will immediately tackle your most dominant, limiting beliefs so you can execute your plan with ease and be unstoppable.
  • Unlimited private 15-minute Laser coaching sessions – private sessions, between the meetings, where you and I will focus on one topic to help you move forward. It can be about creating a shift or bringing clarity, many topics can be coached in 15 minutes.



  • Full payment of £1900 ($2500)
  • A payment plan is also possible


SPECIAL NOTE: The Warrior’s Journey is also available as a one-to-one program!


What clients had to say:

“I used Francisca’s Mastermind and mentoring service and I’m so glad that I connected with her. She really encouraged and motivated me to push myself. She is very passionate about people walking in their purpose, which is demonstrated in the way that she coaches. I would definitely recommend her services to others.”

“I wanted to share my joy with you, because of the program. After following certain steps I was able to make new choices. And I’m going at a quick pace! I’m so happy, I often think of you and the program. Keep it up, you are helping others!”

“Through Francisca’s Mastermind group I met other ladies just like me who wanted to share their visions and goals in pursuing their life calling. And who also needed some advice on how you can handle the obstacles that you can face during the process of walking in your God-Given purpose. I learned how unique we all are according to our special life calling and how important that is. I now respect that a lot! I grew and know now how to see and do things from another point of view, that I normally never could see if I was handling my business on my own!”

“You have shown me that it is good to step out of my comfort zone to experience certain things that I can not find when I’m isolating myself. You taught me to be responsible and to stick to my appointments. I really enjoyed our sessions and your cooperation. It was a very nice learning period and I have been able to enjoy every minute of our sessions. Thank you, you are a top woman.”


If you are interested in The Warrior’s Journey program you can click on the button below to fill out a questionnaire. On this questionnaire you’ll also be able to schedule a free 30min Intake Session with me to find out if it is a great fit. Looking forward to speak to you soon!



Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent my program and its potential. Every person’s success depends on their own dedication, desire, and motivation. Experienced shared on this website are accurate.