WOM Mastermind Group

Do you ever wish you had someone to come alongside you, brainstorm solutions with you and encourage you to keep taking steps toward your God-inspired goals?

Do you feel like you’re the only one struggling to get it all done?

I have some good news for you: you’re not alone. There are other Christian women like you, women who want to follow and fulfill their Calling and live a purposeful life that truly matters. Women who want to encourage you, brainstorm together with you, and benefit from your insight and input into their own projects and challenges.

I’m inviting you to join me and these women in the Women On A Mission Mastermind Group. Become part of a small group of women who are committed to supporting and encouraging each other on the journey toward building a meaningfully successful, productive & purposeful life.

The WOM Mastermind Group is a paid group, facilitated by me personally. Your registration fee includes:

  • monthly meetings via online video conference on a platform I provide at no additional cost to you. Each meeting lasts max. 75 minutes. The meetings are structured in such a way that every member’s voice is heard and the “focus” person gets the benefit of everybody’s perspective.
  • access to recordings—video or audio—of each session, so you can watch or listen again at your leisure, to take notes or just remind yourself of the great ideas that were discussed on the call.
  • all the benefits of association with a small group of motivated women: accountability, encouragement, real progress, good ideas, focus and community.
  • when appropriate I provide worksheets and other materials to help with implementing the strategies the group comes up with.
  • private Facebook group with opportunity to share successes and/or challenges, to ask questions and to get help and/or support in developing new success habits.
  • monthly classes (max. 15 min.) in which I will cover different topics on how to develop a winner’s mentality along the way.

The most priceless benefits of all? You’ll gain more confidence and more time. You’ll receive information and ideas that will help you become more successful, efficient and productive. As you improve your ability to manage your time, energy, and attention, you get more things (the right things) completed in less time.

If you’ve been struggling alone to figure out how to be more productive, if you’d like to share your own wisdom and insight to help other like-minded women accomplish more of the right things, then the Women On A Mission Mastermind Group might be just what you’ve been looking for.


As you decide whether the Women On A Mission Mastermind Group is right for you, consider whether you are willing to support and agree to the following simple rules:

a. Commitment – each individual member is expected to commit to putting in the time and effort to achieve her own personal goals, and to commit to contributing her time, energy, and attention to helping the other women in the group do the same. The time commitment you’re asked to make is regular attendance at the scheduled meetings for the monthly meetings. (The group suffers–and you won’t make the progress you want–if you’re not there.)

b. Openness – members will be authentic and honest, but kind, supportive, and respectful to each other.

c. Confidentiality – what’s discussed in the group stays in the group. Period.

If you can agree with these rules, and if you’re ready to go for it, then let’s talk.

Your Investment

  • $197 a month (£150)


Success Stories

“Through Francisca’s Mastermind Group I met other ladies just like me who wanted to share their visions and goals in pursuing their life calling. And who also needed some advice on how you can handle the obstacles that you can face during the process of walking in your God-Given purpose.  I learned how unique we all are according to our special life calling and how important that is…I respect that a lot! I grew and know now how to see and do things from another point of view, that I normally never could see if I was handling my business on my own!” ~ Berryl Gill, The Netherlands


“What I loved about Francisca’s Mastermind Group and the coaching sessions is that I received a lot of support. It was nice to be in a group with other young ambitious women. I received great advice from you and the other ladies, in regards to improving the writing process of my book. I took the advice on board and it really helped me. Being in the Mastermind Group, pushed me to do better and I can’t wait until I finish this book. I’m very grateful for your guidance throughout this whole process. You are doing a great work.” ~ Lydia Marshall


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