Who do you listen to?

Who do you listen to?

listenHave you noticed that there are different voices in this world? The voice of your parents, of your friends or your family members, of your children (if you have any), of your neighbours, of your teachers, of your church leaders, of God and also your own voice (in your head and when you speak out loud).

When it comes to achieving your goals or dreams it really matters who you choose to listen to. Every day of your life matters and that makes every day important to work on the achievement of your goals and dreams. When you don’t focus on any dream or goal you can end up wasting your time, your day and even your weeks (month after month, year after year).

For now I assume that you, who is reading this now, have goals and dreams….things you would love to achieve in your life.

The moment you decide to go for something you are starting a journey, a journey to go from A to B. While you are on your way to your desired destiny you will communicate with others about your dreams and goals. The reasons why you do that is because you feel like sharing it with others, because someone asks you a question about your activities, because you are very exited or because of something else…

Almost all of us have (had) the same challenges after sharing our dreams and goals with others. Some of the people around us didn’t believe in us, some didn’t want us to go for our dreams, some others became jealous, some others started talking bad about us behind our back (or even in our face), others suddenly moved away and stepped out of our lives and so on…

In fact, it is very clear that these are not the type of people we can see or even experience as our support team! But they do help us to become stronger and more determined!


who do you listen to when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams?

Listen to people who have what you want!!

Yes! People who have what you want are your role-models….they are the ones who have taken the journey you are taking right now. They are the ones who know what it takes to get to your desired destination. They are the ones who know what to do and what not to do. And yes, they are the ones who will help you, push you and even empower you when you need it!

meet upLook for people in your area, in your city and in your country (or in another country, if you want) who have achieved the goal you want to achieve. Think about where they hang out, both online and offline, and get in contact with them. Depending on your goal or dream, you can ask them some questions on how they have achieved their goal or dream. Or, you can tell them that you are doing a research for yourself and that you would like to know if they are willing to help you with your research by sharing their journey with you. You can approach them in a way that feels good for you, as long as you just do!

“”Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety..” {Proverbs 11:14}

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