‘Step Into Your Calling’ ~ KickStart Program

The KickStart program is designed to help you start taking the first steps towards the vision God has given you for your life. Most women feel overwhelmed by their Calling but only a few ask for help. For the ones who would love some help and support I’ve created this 12-weeks KickStart program called ‘Step Into Your Calling’.

It’s for every Christian woman who knows her Calling and is ready to go for it 100% now.

Coaching sessions with me, at the days and times that suits you best. We will go through a step by step process that will help you to make the best start you can make within 12 weeks.

– gain clarity on how to do it all
– get inspired to take action
– eliminate the stress you feel
– increase your self-confidence
– develop a positive mindset
– overcome your limiting thoughts
– manage your time better
– be more focused and productive
– and much more..

We will focus on helping you to create a very detailed Action Plan that will show you how to go for it, when, where, with who etc…

We will focus on helping you to transform your limiting thoughts into more positive and supportive ones. We will immediately tackle your most dominant, negative thought by doing a powerful exercise.

We will focus on helping you to rearrange the way you manage your time so that every week will be very productive but allow you to have enough time for yourself (and family) as well.

We will focus on helping you take 7 basic steps that are designed to help you walk in line with your Calling much faster.

We will focus on methods and techniques that will increase your self-confidence and help you to shine your light boldly.

We will also focus on tackling the challenges that unexpectedly come on your path and brainstorm together for strategies that will help you keep moving forward with more speed!

 $1297 (£997/€1097) – Possible to pay in installments

Reusable Worksheets + KickStart Workbook + Ebook ‘Be A Winner’  



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Success Stories

“I wanted to share my joy with you, because of this program. After following certain steps I was able to make new choices. And I’m going a different direction, at a speed pace! So, I want to stay in touch with you because it’s going very fast! I’m so happy, I often think of you and the program. Keep it up, u are helping others!” ~ Entrepreneur

“I’m very glad I did it! Now I’m taking action so I can walk in my Calling. It was a beautiful, blessed experience and I have learned a lot in a short time. It has really inspired me to go for what God has given me and completely make work out of it.” ~ Worship Leader

“This has cleared up so much! Now I know the steps I have to take and what tools I have to use to fulfill my calling, without only visualizing it. Francisca Payne has taken me to a deeper and higher level to discover a lot about. myself on this journey to my calling. I recommend this to everyone who wants to obey God and do what they are called to do according to God’s calling for their life.” ~ Solopreneur

“I believe it is very good if someone helps you to finish your book, because it is important that you do not give up if things do not go the way you want. Francisca was always there to encourage me. Now the book is finished!” ~ Author