How To Use Negative Experiences Effectively And Bounce Back

I guess that by now you already know that every person in this world has had some kind of negative experience. We are all living in a world where you have good and bad, so we can’t avoid that. Some experiences are better than other, while some experiences are worse than other.

Learning how to deal effectively with negative experiences is a very important skill. In general, we have some basic ways we respond to things, people and/or situations. Our natural instincts can easily get us into trouble. We either overreact, say things we regret, fall into depression, and sometimes even lose our confidence.

I see it like this, since negative things are going to happen anyway we might as well learn how to deal with them or become better at managing them. Today I’m inspired to share a few of the ways I do this:

  1. Learn from the negative experience. I always ask myself what I can learn from the experience. I honestly believe that we can always find something valuable in every negative experience we have. It either gives us information about ourselves or about deeper things in life. Most of the times I learn something about myself, and I believe that that is valuable enough! Whether the love of your life left you, or you lost $50,000 in the stock market, you can learn something from the experience. So I would say: make a list of the lessons you’ve learned and think about how you can prevent it from happening again.
  2. See the advantages of the negative experience. Have you ever noticed that your negative experiences suddenly gave you the opportunity to do something you always wanted to do? I have had that experience a couple of times this year. For example, when a relationship came to an end, I finally got myself a membership card from Costco. Before I met this person I wanted to be a member but I didn’t try to find out how to go about it. Because this person was a member I was able to enjoy the benefits too so when it all came to an end I was inspired to become a member too. What advantages can you find when you look at your own negative experiences? Even the worst experiences have a few advantages.
  3. Let it all out. I am someone who loves to express what I feel and/or think. This also means that if I want to cry, I’ll do that. I believe that it’s good and healthy to let out whatever needs to come out….no matter how (crying etc). It is good to give yourself an appropriate amount of time to acknowledge how you feel, and then get back to living your life.

In many cases, it’s possible to turn a negative experience into something positive. The ability to bounce back from challenging times is vital to your happiness and success. I created a video today that connects really well with what I’ve shared above. You can watch it here >> Negative Experiences Can Be Your Stepping Stones