Change a habit within 21 days!

Change a habit within 21 days!

Changing a habit can be a though thing to do. It’s not impossible but it can definitively be a challenge.How often do you hear someone who is addicted to drugs or cigarette say that they will stop within 21 days? I don’t think you have ever heard that or that you have heard that often…..

However, it is possible to change any habit within 21 days WHEN you truly go for it……no matter what!

changeI can tell you that I know someone who has managed to do that. Well, not the drugs but the cigarette. And I truly believe that when you really really really want something and really really really push yourself towards it that you will be able to accomplish it! Even though it is not easy….

I remember the first day I bought nicotine patches to stop smoking cigarette.
I was nervous and I didn’t know how my body would react if I would use them. But before I bought them I first had a looooong conversation with the pharmacist because I wanted to understand how these things could really help me IF I would go for it 100%.
I didn’t want to buy the patches without having the guaranty that they would do their work!

That may sound funny but I believe that when I am willing to do my part whoever I am working with or whatever I am using has to do their/it’s part as well. It has to be a WIN-WIN situation! That’s how I think.

So when I understood how it worked I bought them and went home.


Have you ever heard of “massive” action?

No? Okay, allow me to show you what it looks like when you want to achieve an important goal and take “massive” action to achieve it!

Because I had decided to stop smoking cigarette and really wanted to give my best:
1. I took a jar, placed it in the middle of the table (in my living room) and made an appointment with myself that I would put all the money in it that I normally use to buy my cigarette. I did this every two or three days.

massive2. I also told my children what I had decided (to quite smoking) and asked them to support me. This meant that they could talk to me whenever they saw that I wasn’t sticking to my own decision or that I was doing something that didn’t help me to stop smoking.

Later that day I remembered that I had bought a little book a few years ago, from a author called Allen Carr. This man seemed to be an expert on helping people to quit smoking. So, I went to my room to search for the book and found it between all my other “self-help” books!

3.So, I decided to read this book whenever I would have a hard time “not smoking” or whenever it would feel too difficult to keep going.

4. And last but not least, I stood in front of the mirror every day to declare to myself that “I am living a healthy and smoke-free life”!

These four extra steps helped me to stop smoking cigarette WITHIN 21 days….I stopped on the 16th day! And now we are four years later! That’s what I call the power of taking “massive” action!

Conclusion: When you really really want to change a habit it is possible to change it within 21 days. All you need to do is to believe that you can do it and make some (extra) supporting choices (take massive action) to help you win!

If you want to brainstorm together about what kind of “massive action” you can take to help you to change your habit, just book a FREE 30 minutes Consultation session with me. If I can do it, you can do it too! Just believe in yourself!


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