Enlightened Warrior Entrepreneurs

Do you ever wish you had someone to come alongside you, brainstorm solutions with you and encourage you to keep taking action toward your business goals?

Do you ever feel like you’re all alone by yourself, struggling to get things done and eventually don’t get enough done (or anything at all)?

If your answer is “Yes” to one or both of these questions, I have some good news for you: you are not alone!

There are other women like you, women who truly want to fulfill their Calling in business. Women who want to step up their game and achieve all the business goals they set. Women who believe in the vision God has given them for their life and for their business. These women want to encourage you, brainstorm together with you and even benefit from your insight and input into their own business projects and challenges.

This is the reason why I am inviting you to join me and these women in the Enlightened Warrior Entrepreneurs. Become part of a group of female Christian entrepreneurs who are committed to supporting and encouraging each other on their journey toward building a successful business and a life of purpose.

The Enlightened Warrior Entrepreneurs is a paid group, facilitated by me and my team. WE START FROM MARCH 2020!!

Your membership includes:

  • Bi-weekly meetings via Zoom (every 1st and 3rd Monday). Each meeting lasts 90 minutes (or 120 min if necessary). The meetings are structured in such a way that every member’s voice is heard and everyone can benefit from each other’s perspectives.
  • Private Facebook group. This is a place where the conversations can continue between the meetings. Members can share updates on their progress, ask questions they want input on and share ideas that are relevant to the training sessions (classes).
  • Monthly training class. Each class is focused on one powerful, success principle to help you shift your mindset, boost your self-confidence and perform at a higher level. At the end of every session you’ll get an assignment so you can implement what you have learned and immediately position yourself as the leader God has created you to be.
  • 30 Minutes one-to-one call. Each month you can book a call with me between the meetings to discuss anything you want, from personal issues to business related topics.
  • LIVE Mastermind Day at a 5-star location in the UK (to be revealed later). An exclusive opportunity to get together every six months. The day is designed to have a fun and intimate experience, where everyone gets heard and gets to know one another better. It will be supportive and motivating, no matter where you are in your business.
  • Access to recordings—video or audio—of each session so you can watch or listen again at your leisure, to take notes or just remind yourself of the great ideas that were discussed on the call.
  • Worksheets, templates and checklists to help you keep track, stay organised and implement the strategies the group comes up with. (as needed)
  • All the benefits of association with a small group of motivated women: accountability, encouragement, real progress, good ideas, focus and community.

If you have been struggling to overcome procrastination, self-doubt, fear of failure, fear of success or any other emotional/mental block then this group is the best, next step for you too!

One of the most priceless benefits of all is that you’ll gain more focus and more time. You’ll receive information and ideas that will help you become more successful, more efficient and more productive. As you improve your ability to manage your time, energy and attention you get more things (the right things) completed IN LESS TIME and you’ll still be able to have time doing other fun stuff.

And not only that. The classes will inspire you to keep working on your mindset. You will learn new success principle, have the chance to implement them and then share your experience with the other members.

If you’ve been struggling alone to figure out how to be more successful or if you’d like to share your own wisdom and insight to help other like-minded women accomplish more then the Enlightened Warrior Entrepreneurs might be just what you’ve been looking for.


As you decide whether this group is right for you, consider whether you are willing to support and agree to the following simple rules:

  • Commitment – each individual member is expected to commit to putting in the time and effort to achieve her own personal goals, and to commit to contributing her time, energy, and attention to helping the other women in the group do the same. The time commitment you’re asked to make is regular attendance at the scheduled meetings for the monthly meetings. (The group suffers–and you won’t make the progress you want–if you’re not there.)
  • Openness – members will be authentic and honest, but kind, supportive, and respectful to each other.
  • Confidentiality – what’s discussed in the group stays in the group. Period.

If you can agree with these rules, and if you’re ready to go for it, then let’s talk.

Membership fee

  • Quarterly payment of $1997 (£1500)
  • Or pay monthly $700 (£550)


How others have experienced the group sessions:

“Through Francisca’s Mastermind Group I met other ladies just like me who wanted to share their visions and goals in pursuing their life calling. And who also needed some advice on how you can handle the obstacles that you can face during the process of walking in your God-Given purpose.  I learned how unique we all are according to our special life calling and how important that is…I now respect that a lot! I grew and know now how to see and do things from another point of view, that I normally never could see if I was handling my business on my own!”

“I used Francisca’s Mastermind and mentoring service and I’m so glad that I connected with her. She really encouraged and motivated me to push myself. She is very passionate about people walking in Purpose, which is demonstrated in the way that she coaches. I would definitely recommend her services to others.”

“What I loved about Francisca’s Mastermind Group and the coaching sessions is that I received a lot of support. It was nice to be in a group with other young ambitious women. I received great advice from you and the other ladies, in regards to improving the writing process of my book. I took the advice on board and it really helped me. Being in the Mastermind Group pushed me to do better and I can’t wait until I finish this book. I’m very grateful for your guidance throughout this whole process. You are doing a great work.”


If you are interested in the Enlightened Warrior Entrepreneurs you can book a free call with me. But before we can hop on a call I need some details from you first so I can send you a Pre-Mentoring Questionnaire. Click on the button below to apply.



Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent my program and its potential. Every woman’s success depends on her dedication, desire, and motivation. Experienced shared on this website are accurate.