2019 just started a few months ago and even though a lot of people are excited about this new year most are also feeling fears and doubts. I think it would be very helpful to look at some different – simple but effective – ways you can deal with your fears and doubts.

THE FIRST thing I would really like you to understand from the start is that fear is SPIRITUAL. And because of that you need to deal with it in a spiritual way. What does that mean? Well, it means that in the first place you will have to use your SPIRITUAL TOOLS to deal with it.

You are a spirit yourself. You have a physical body to be able to walk on this earth but you are created by God, who is a spirit, and Who made you in His image and likeness (characteristics etc..).

Being aware of that should inspire you to PRAY AGAINST or SPEAK POWERFUL WORDS of faith against fearful thoughts or feelings.

The intention of fear is to keep you from fulfilling the destiny that God has on your life. Everyone who knows God, knows that He doesn’t have any bad plans for our lives but only good plans which includes good health, happiness, joy, strength and success.

When the spirit of fear comes against you (with fearful thoughts and feelings) command it to leave you, speak the truth about what God has said about you, your life and your abilities, fast if you want to and know that you already have the victory over it!!

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