Extra Services

My mission is to help you walk in your Calling and see you succeed in fulfilling your own life purpose. In order to provide you with the best possible support I offer several more services. You can see an overview below:


In this session we are going to create your own personalized Action Plan. The purpose of this plan is to show you exactly how you can your God-inspired goal, when specific tasks need to be done, what other resources you might need and much more. Depending on the size of your goal this session can take 2-3 hours.

BONUS: Get a FREE 30 min Speed-Up Success session (within one month).

Your Investment: $247/£170



In this session we are going to identify and immediately transform the most negative and dominant belief you have about yourself or about your ability to fulfill your Life Calling. This session is an intensive 45+ minutes session.

BONUS: Your own ‘How-To’ Manual (incl. workbook) of this exercise.

Your Investment: $167/£120



In these sessions we are going to focus on methods and strategies to tackle your challenges so you can start making progress instantly. Topics we can focus on but aren’t limited to are: time-management, self-confidence, intimacy with God, procrastination, money-management and so on. We do 2 sessions a month, both max 1 hour.

BONUS: 20% discount on the ‘Transform Limiting Believes’ session.

Your Investment: $347/£237 per month


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