‘Walk Boldly In Your Calling’

This Coaching Program is perfect for every Christian woman who already started going for her Calling. The program is designed to help you overcome procrastination and self-sabotage, plus to help you develop a winner’s mentality so you can stay focused and be very productive. This program guarantees that you will achieve whatever goal you set for the next 6 months or 12 months!


The Details & Bonuses

  • One-on-One Coaching sessions every two weeks (up to 75 minutes)
  • FLEXIBLE options: Video Calls, Telephone calls and Face2Face
  • UNLIMITED Online support (Email, Messenger….)
  • Bonus Success eBook ‘7 Steps To Your Calling’ 
  • Bonus REUSABLE worksheets to support your progress and success
  • Bonus EXTRA ‘Transform Limiting Believes’ session to help you overcome your limiting thoughts


The Benefits & Results

  • become laser-focused
  • get higher confidence
  • become more productive 
  • better time-management
  • feeling more fulfilled
  • investing your energy wiser
  • feeling happier and more peaceful 
  • highly motivated to reach all your milestones
  • reaching milestones with less effort and more joy


Your Investment

  • Max 6 months $2397 (£1597/€1897)  – Possible to pay in installments
  • Max 12 months $4297 (£2997/€3397)  – Possible to pay in installments


Are you interested?

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 Success Stories

Truus & Shenoa: “Shenoa and I wanted to publish her life story in a book, but we did not know how to start. When she read in the group ‘Christian Women’ that you are a coach, she asked if you wanted to coach us to finish the book. You have prepared a roadmap for us. We have followed that step by step and you encouraged us so that the book was ready to send to the publisher in a short period of time. If you want to write a book, it’s good to have somebody to help you do it. Thank you Francisca!”

Angelina: “Firstly I would like to thank God for letting me meet you because if I hadn’t met you, trust me, my life would have been on the same spot…crying in misery, feeling defeated. I noticed how you don’t like to be defeated because you trust in God that He has greater plans for you. In a space of less than three weeks I have managed to sort some very important personal and financial things! Thank you for strengthening my faith in God. I was lost but I am finding myself now!”

Mirelly: “God is great! Since last summer I walked around with a plan to start a support group for women in the neighborhood. I had some trouble making a plan, so I’ve asked Francisca Payne for advice. I got tips and she showed me what to implement, which made the plan began to flourish. Francisca encouraged me to persevere, to let my mind go deeper and put more on paper. What I found very special about Francisca is that she knew exactly what I meant when I could not find the right words. Her inspiration and her perseverance gave me the courage to finish the plan. 

I proposed the plan to the Activity Center and it fits well with one of their own activities; even for the people who are sent to them from the benefits agency. I am so grateful to God for this dream. He inspired me, through Francisca Payne, to not fear but to trust Him. God has a purpose for me to reach people and make a different. Thank you dear Francisca Payne for coaching me with wise words of inspiration!”