'Be A Winner In Business' Club

If you need monthly support for yourself and your business, join the club!

You can join me and other like minded business owners and get:

  • A monthly LIVE call with me and the Club Members (accountability & help)
  • Access to me and like minded business owners throughout the month in the free Facebook Community
  • Learning materials which include worksheets, exercises and checklists for action and implementation
  • Inspiring business and personal development talks with very successful business owners and entrepreneurs, from all over the world, on how they have started their business and got to the success they have.


“I would love to invite you to my inspirational, educational, supportive and empowering ‘Be A Winner In Business’ Club”


The Club is for you if:
  • you have dreamed of starting your own business and you’re ready to go for it now.
  • you already have a business (in fact, you just started!) and you’re committed to growing it to the next level.
  • you desire structure and support and long for someone/others to hold you accountable, so that results are guaranteed.
  • you are looking for opportunities to enter into joint ventures as a way to help your business grow faster.
  • and so much more..


The Club is NOT for you if:
  • you know exactly what you’re suppose to do BUT just need confirmation
  • you want to do this, but you believe, you just don’t have the time to work on your actions and goals
  • you aren’t ready to create changes in your life & business or even take responsibility for your outcomes.


Why Join My ‘Be A Winner In Business’ Club?

It’s the most affordable way to have me as your mentor, coach and accountability partner!

  • A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners feel alone in business and don’t have the right support in place!
  • Sometimes you just want to reach out to someone who has a valued opinion about a challenge, an idea or to get support without being judged. This is your safe space.
  • Being part of the club will help you: become more focused, gain more confidence, practice self-discipline, be more productive, reach your milestones and so much more…
  • REALLY get the support you need from me, experts and other club members. It’s literally like having your own team, a mentor and accountability partners.
  • Have access to the monthly inspirational business talks (recordings)—video or audio— so you can watch or listen at your leisure, and take notes of the great ideas shared in these interviews.


The Club is a monthly subscription and the introductory price is £57 ($74). You can cancel at any time!


*** You can click the button below to book a 20 minutes call with me if you are interested in becoming a member. This call will allow us to get to know each other a little better and to find out what you desire or need.