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The Joy of Being an Authentic Entrepreneur

Sooner or later a question shows up in your mind that you just can’t answer. In fact, you refuse to answer it or ignore it, but it keeps coming back. It’s like a stone in your shoe. First, it’s just an irritation, but left unanswered it becomes a blister, and if that’s left unanswered, pretty soon you have an infection.

The question that we all face at some point is this: Is this what business is all about for me? Surely there’s more than this! Where have I gone wrong? What can I do? I don’t want my business to be like this.

We’ve all had it. Frustration, anxiety, lack of fulfilment and/or doubt. They all show up, don’t they? And unfortunately they will continue to show up until you CHANGE something…


Become An Authentic Entrepreneur!

When you get right down to it, what most entrepreneurs want is to live a peaceful, happy life, have customers they really love and make more money than they need to spend each month. That’s all. Then they could spend time with the people they care about and do the things that make their heart sing.

In other words, they want to be an Authentic Entrepreneur.

Being an authentic entrepreneur starts when you start feeling happy every day, and that starts by letting go of everybody and everything that no longer serves you.

Things that no longer serve you may be:

  • Clients or customers that you’ve known for a long time
  • Business partners you’ve been working with
  • Programs, devices and tools you are using
  • Places, online platforms and websites you visit
  • Groups and activities you have been involved in for years
  • Old habits, thoughts, and expectations

All the people, places, and experiences that you allow to perpetuate are weighing you down. No amount of success drive or positive thinking is going to change anything for you until you face the real issue.


What Happens When You Start Being Authentic?

Here’s what happens when you do:

  1. For the first time in a long time you begin to experience JOY just through your thoughts and feelings. You notice that, without any conscious effort on your part, you have no attachment to the people, places, or things that no longer serve you. Letting them all go becomes effortless.
  2. You have new adventures. Opportunities to experience new activities that you have never even thought of before present themselves and you find yourself excited to try them.
  3. You learn and discover. Your interest in learning new things awakens and you find yourself fascinated by the idea of learning new skills.
    • The people you meet while learning these new skills resonate with your heart and you feel at home
  4. You make new friends and get new customers. New people start to come into your life and business who are in alignment with your new fresh way of thinking.

Once you start being authentic, your frustration, anxiety, and doubt are replaced with optimism, enthusiasm and fulfilment in all that you do. Life and business seem simpler. Others even say you look different and more alive (yes, even your children). You ARE different. You’ve become An Authentic Entrepreneur!


Be Disciplined In 6-Steps

Because I know that it is not always easy to discipline yourself, I decided to share some easy steps with you to help you get there as quick as you can. By following these steps you are allowing yourself to grow in this area.

1. Define Your Purpose
In which area of your business would you like to become more disciplined? Just choose one. Be clear about what it is you would like to stop doing or what it is you want to start doing regularly.

2. Find Role Models
Do you know someone who is disciplined in this area? It doesn’t have to be someone you know personally. It can be someone who is alive or dead. The point is to think of some people who you believe had control in this area. This step shows you that if they can do it, you can do it too.

3. See The Success
What are the benefits of becoming disciplined in this area? Make a list of all the (good) things you will feel, see, smell, taste, touch, have and do once you are strong in this area. Knowing this will inspire you to work hard(er).

4. Consider The Danger Zones
Because you are not used to being disciplined in this area it will be challenging for you sometimes. You will start off very good and strongly but before you know it you will feel tempted to go back to your old habits or stop doing your best. This is not strange. What will help you is to make a list, before you start, of all the potential situations, people and things that may cause you to fall or stop…and then make a list of how you will handle them.

5. Decide In Advance
Decide in advance what it is you need to do to accomplish the goal you have set in step 1. This step is about knowing exactly what to do and deciding to do it, no matter what! This is very powerful because it is not about how you feel. It is about realizing that your goal is worth the investment.

6. Have A Support Team
Think of someone you respect to help you become disciplined in this area. Find a person who will be strong enough to hold you accountable for the decisions you have made. Keep in contact with this person every week or every two weeks. This will force you to do what you say you will do.

If you need any help or support with this, you can reach out to me on Social media or here on this website by clicking on services 

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3 Easy Ways To Start Taking Responsibility

1. Do A Reality-Check
Sit down with a pen and paper and write down what is REALLY going on in your business (or life). Make a list of the things that are bothering you because they are not the way you want them to be.

For example: It can be the amount of income you have, the clients you are working with, the person who is helping you with your admin or maybe the business partner you have. In your personal life it can be anything from your your health to your home environment.



2. Choose The Most Simple Step Forward
You realize that things are not the way you desire them to be but because they are happening in your life at the moment you have to find a simple way to deal with them so it doesn’t bother you as much as it does. My suggestion is to step away from it emotionally by choosing to do something positive that only effects you.

For example: reduce the time you spend with those clients or business partners, bring a slight increase in your prices. In your personal life it can be anything from taking a 30 min walk (starting tomorrow) to drinking more green tea (losing weight) to painting one wall in your favorite color this week.


3. Respond To Positive Things Around You
In my book ‘7 Steps To Your Calling’ I go deeper into this but for now I want to inspire you to keep your eyes open when you take the two steps I just shared with you. When you make a simple but positive shift in your mindset or in your actions it will effect the world around you.

In fact, when you open up yourself to be real and honest about the way your life is at the moment and you decide to take responsibility to change it, you will have to bring yourself in a positive mode so you can stay motivated and inspired. Whenever something good happens around you act upon it because positive energy creates more positive energy.

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