God will show you what to do

I remember the moment when God revealed to me that I was called to be an author. It happened after I had prayed for 3 days..

I chose to pray because I stopped the business I was in (which didn’t glorify Him) and didn’t just want to start working somewhere without His permission. In fact I thought that there was a specific job He wanted me to apply for at the job agencies.

Woman in Gray and Black Zip-up Hoodie Raising Her Right HandBut it wasn’t like that at all…

Instead of telling me what kind of job I had to go for, He reminded me of a skill I discovered in my twenties. He reminded me that I used to write poetry and shared it with people around me (and they loved it!). Then He touched my heart and helped me to understand and see that it was one of the gifts He had given to me to use in this world.

Trust me if I say that I was totally surprised and didn’t expect that this would be His answer to my prayer. But nevertheless I trusted in His answer and decided to go for it.

I even asked God to help me use this writing skill since I have never taken it as serious as I had to. With His help I managed to write the content of my first book ‘Be A Winner’ in two weeks time. A few months after that I moved to the UK and managed to complete the whole book and self-publish it within 9 months.

Why am sharing this with you today?

I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that if He did it for me He will definitely do it for you too. We are His children. and He loves us. God is a wonderful Father and He will never leave us nor forsake us because He has a plan for our lives. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Open up your heart for Him today and ask for what you need.

Interview for ‘Women Of Purpose’

A few weeks ago a wonderful woman of faith approached me on Instagram and asked me if she could interview me. Her name is Nadira Jansen and she has a YouTube Channel called ‘Women Of Purpose’.

She loves to interview women who walk in their life purpose so I said ‘Yes!’ to her immediately. She is a woman who also walks in her calling (and is planning to do more with God) so it absolutely inspired me to do this with her. Just like me she also understands that we are all blessed with talents and gifts to fulfill a divine purpose  here on earth so I want to invite you to watch the interview below. We had a lot of fun together!!

Note: My camera wasn’t really clear and I forgot to use a light but don’t let that stop you from watching the whole interview. It was really fun and it will definitely inspire you too!

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Interview with Colin Treasure

img_0299A few months ago I decided that I wanted to interview a successful person. I wanted to find out how he/she dealt with fears and doubts AND what kind of mindset helped him/her to succeed in life. I had no clue where to start but I was determined to find someone…

A few days later I suddenly remembered that I read something positive, on a leaflet, about a kickboxing teacher who offered kickboxing lessons at my children’s school. So, I decided to approach him!

It happened to be Colin Treasure, a 4th Degree Black Belt, who is a former British kick-boxing champion three times over, and who also holds a European championship title. I was surprised and very happy at the same time!


How it all started

When Colin was younger he wanted to get the attention of his mother and father because he was always overlooked as the third eldest child.

He got involved in a lot of activities at school, mainly sports, and was very good at athletics. Later, Colin went into Martial Arts. He got inspired by Bruce Lee and wanted to be just like him. After a while he found a club where he could learn the art of Kickboxing. He stayed there and became very good at it.

His parents, who were both Christians, didn’t want to see him fight. He invited them several times but they never went to his matches. Despite that he won many tournaments and even participated in several TV programs, such as Gladiators and Family Fortune. Later he managed to get his father to still come to one of the programs!

All he wanted was to show them that he was worth something and that he was pretty good at what he did.


Lessons he has learned

When I asked Colin Treasure what he has learned in life and what he could share with me about dealing with fears and doubts, he answered:

img_0301“When you have a good attitude in life and when you are a nice person, people will help you. Simple things like this can help you get a long way!”

“If you feel that you really want to do something and you believe that you can do it and achieve it…..DO IT! If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter because at least you went for it.”

“In life and from experience people always doubt you and tell you that you can’t do anything. If you listen to that negative voice then you will go with what they are saying. If you really want to do something, be around positive people who think like you, who want what you want and then just go for it.”

“Life is full of challenges, obstacles and hurt but you have to find something positive when something negative happens to you because you’ve got to keep pushing forward. You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say: “You now what, I am just going to carry on.” And then you can be an inspiration for other people!”


The positive results

Now Colin Treasure runs his own business, Aero Kick Community Boxing Gym, in Birmingham. He also goes to different schools with his team, on a regular basis, to provide kickboxing lessons and teach kids about confidence and also about being respectful…

At the end of the interview, he emphasized something that I believe is very important. He said: “No one has the right to say that you can’t do something…because you can! 

(Picture: Colin Treasure with my book Be A Winner)