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Mijn boek image~ Be A Winner ~

There Are Two Sides of Life

Be A Winner is an inspirational and a motivational book, written to help you to understand the power of faith. In this book Francisca Payne shares a part of her own journey with the readers to show that a negative, painful and difficult past can be changed into a positive, successful and blissful life. Francisca Payne inspires everyone to look at life from a different perspective and become successful. Every chapter ends with an exercise to help the reader experience “immediately” what it means to take action in faith. This book is a “must read” for every woman, especially for Christian women!



cover-book~ Success Diary for Christian Women ~

100 Days Challenge

This book is a journal and is designed in such a way that you will receive your daily bread, which is the Word of God, combined with the most inspirational quotes from successful women, mostly Christian women. The daily exercises will help you to stay focused on all the different blessings God gives to you and on all the positive things that happen in your life. This kind of focus on what God brings into your life is what pushes you faster towards your goals!



~ Success Diary for Christian Men ~ voorkant-men

100 Days Challenge

This is the version for Christian men, with the most inspirational quotes from successful men, mostly Christian men.

This version is a beautiful gift for your husband, partner, friend, colleague, brother or son.




                                 ~ 7 Steps To Your Calling ~  

                          Principles that guarantee success

Most people don’t realize what slows them down or holds them back and as a result of that they either don’t fulfill their Calling or it takes them too long before they finally get there. In this book Francisca shows you what to focus on and how to eliminate distraction or bad influences. Not only will you get inspiration to become more successful in your life but you will also develop the skills you need to make that possible. This book is designed to help you step into your life purpose (Calling) with confidence and boldness!


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Happy Readers

“I love this book it gives me a push to go for what I want. I love the testimony of the author in this book. For people whose English is not their first language, it’s easy to read. So I would say buy it.” Eve Jansen

“I highly recommend this book by Francisca Payne – 7 Steps to your Calling. If you’re ready to live a life of purpose then it’s a must have. ” Janice George-Pinard

“Be A Winner contains key principles that should be practiced by every true Christian seeking success in all areas of their life. For an introductory book, this was very inspiring, positive and instructional, making it one of the best I’ve read so far this year.” Michael Sappor

“Your book is very inspiring for everyone, especially for those who have lost their way and no longer know how to find it.” Allan Touwslager

“This is a clearly written book on how to be a winner in your daily life, with your dreams and in your womanhood. The book is very practical and gives you the courage to, indeed, go for a goal in your life.” Evelien Jan

“I really loved reading this book and I recommend this book to all the ladies out there! The advice in this book are very good. And the testimony that she gave is very inspiring. God bless!” Brianna

“Really enjoyed reading this personal book. It’s a guide to help you be a strong en independent woman. She give you the tools for a greater life with Jesus. So read it!!!” Elya de Leeuw

“My dear sister, God bless you richly, your book is in one word fantastic! It is highly recommended for women who have been through so much in their lives, and think there is no way out.” Jemene Mendez

Inspiring for anyone who is seeking direction (again) in life…seeking God. Practical with assignments to get into action right away. I certainly recommend your book to others!” Dinorda Kuwas

 “I enjoyed reading your book I read it in 1 hour , I loved the question and what God had to say about women in the back of the book.” Nattaline

“You should be proud of yourself and what you have done with your book. Trying to make others stronger from your experiences. Thank you!” Colin Treasure

“I trust my mum’s judgement completely. So when she gave me this book as a present on my 18th birthday I couldn’t wait to dig in. It was my first christian book, and the inspiration I drew from the author’s testimony propelled me into looking for christian books to read. I’ll surely recommend to every young christian woman, and I am still looking forward to meet the author sooner or later!” Chinny Bonav

“I purchased and read “Be A Winner” this book taught me how to be present for myself and helped me to bond with God on a deeper level. I recommend this book to anyone experiencing doubt in their lives.” Lashawnda Manson

“Thank you for such an inspirational book. I feel ready to take on the challenge of following my dreams. The exercises were especially helpful.” Max Tolley

“I read several self-development books but this is a refreshing and wonderful ‘foundation’ book to prepare for the journey towards inner fulfillment. Be a Winner targets women and reinforce the teachings of the Bible to help women establish self-esteem and focus for the journey ahead towards betterment. I really appreciate reading this even as a man to observe the author sharing her living testament with her lessons and the opportunity for readers to log their own journey after each chapter.” Edward Dunn