Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

I LOVE TO DO RESEARCH about what can improve our lives and what can help us to become better people. The best part of doing research is when I understand how to apply the new knowledge in my own life so that I can benefit from it as soon as possible.wo-liThere is one subject that I find very interesting at the moment and that is Work-Life Balance.

Research shows us that more than 40% of the people who work are neglecting other aspects of their life because of work. I see this as a very important warning. When we give up the things that are good for us it will always effect us emotionally, mentally and/or physically. And that means that we will not be able to work at our best! It makes us unhappy working people when we don’t develop and express ourselves in every area. A good personal life is important for everyone of us because we need to work on our personal development,  spend time with our friends or family members, take walks in the park, visit a gym, go on holidays, enjoy a hobby and so on.


There are different things you can do to help yourself:
  1. doing your best to work smart instead of long. It is smart to decide how much time you want to (or will) spend on your tasks.
  2. saying something about it when you see or feel that the work demands are becoming to much for you. When you say something about it you are giving your team leader or manager the chance to do something about it.
  3. you can also take a look here to see how I can help and support you if you decide to work on this in your own way and in your own time


There are also different ways an organization can help their staff.
  1. sharing information with employees about work-life balance
  2. training managers more about this subject so that they can protect their staff from experiencing mental and physical problems.
  3. allowing  staff to attend supportive meetings and/or activities during working hours as they would for other medical appointments. This way, everyone will benefit from this in the long term.


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