Ask for what you want.

Ask for what you want.

Asking for what you want is a skill we need to develop when we want to have more success in our lives. We are not created to do things alone or all by ourselves. Even when God, our Father, created the earth, and everything else in and around it, He didn’t do it all alone or all by Himself (Genesis 1:2 & verse 26). We need others to support us or to help us move forward. I am not saying that we can’t do anything without others, I am just saying that we need help sometimes.

Asking is one of the best and most important skill we can have. But unfortunately it’s one of the less developed quality we use to create our successes.

helpWhy do I say this? When I asked a small group of Christian women if they ask for help easily when they need it, most of them answered “No”. The reasons they gave me were all different but most of them didn’t tell me why. However, their answers didn’t really surprise me.

It seems that we often find it difficult to ask for what we want or need. What really holds us back are the limiting thoughts and believes we have about “asking for what we want”.


Here are two examples of limiting thoughts that hold us back from asking for help:

“If I ask for help, it’s a sign of weakness.”
This way of thinking can make you believe that you have to do it on your own. It can also make you think that something is wrong with you if you do ask for support or help.

“If I ask for help, I will have to do something back in return.”
This way of thinking brings a lot of pressure or worry. It makes you believe that you can’t get help for free or out of unconditional love. And if you know that you don’t want to give anything back in return, it can also make you feel guilty. A tough one is when you (believe that you) don’t have anything to give back and therefor don’t ask for the help or support you need.

>>Exercise: Write down your own thoughts & believes that limit you from asking for the help you need or want (in order to achieve your goal). Now read the scripture below and let go of all of them!

>>Inspirational ScriptureASK…and it will be given to you; SEEK……and you will find; KNOCK….and it will be opened to you.” {Matthew 7:7}


 Your intention is to win so you will have to ASK for what you want or need! Don’t waste your time worrying about what others might think about you or worrying about “losing control” when others help you. No, you need the help and your time is NOW!

So step out in faith and ASK for the support you want or need. Open up your heart to receive it and allow your life to change!

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