Francisca Payne is the founder of Qualified To Win, a personal development business for entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to make a bigger impact, have more freedom and be the leaders they are called to be.

If someone knows what it’s truly like to transform your life, it’s Francisca. An encounter with God changed the whole course of her life and she literally had to start all over again. This happened when she was at her lowest point in life: working in the erotic industry as a masseuse and building her own escort business (with men and women who wanted to work for her).

This encounter changed everything. The FIRST thing she literally had to change was her mindset, which she did by studying the Bible. As a spiritually newborn person she started developing a new mentality, which she calls a winning mentality. And it was this shift that started changing everything for her in rapid speed!

Francisca started studying again and passed for her Basic Business Management exams within six months. She wrote the content of her first book, Be A Winner, within two weeks and moved from Belgium to the United Kingdom a few months later.

While she published her first book within a year, she also gave her first Self-Confidence Boost workshop within six months when she was still settling down in the UK. English isn’t her first language (Dutch is), nevertheless she managed to achieve success on her new entrepreneurial journey.

Her books are being used all over the world in the Christian community by pastors, deacons and church members. They all use her books during bible studies, church services, women events and some even started book clubs.

After her first book, a year later, she published two success journals and also helped her 10 years old son to publish his first children’s book within a few months. His accomplishment didn’t stay unknown: he had his first interview within a few weeks with a journalist of the The Voice, the only British national Afro-Caribbean weekly newspaper operating in the United Kingdom since 1982. As a result of that he received a call from Potential Unlocked Tuition in Birmingham with an invitation to an event to receive an award for his accomplishment.

In 2018 she published another book called ‘7 Steps To Your Calling’, of which she sold 68 copies within the first four weeks!

Next to helping aspiring authors write and self-publish their own books, she has been working with start-up entrepreneurs and established business owners to help them stretch their mindset and bring out their ability to perform at a higher level in business.

Through her ‘Be A Winner’ Club and her mastermind group she helps them uncovers the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits and patterns of thinking that stop them from creating the success they want in their business. Francisca has a straight-to-the point approach, which helps her clients to be confident, bold and fearless. She empowers them to be SELF-DISCIPLINED so that they can make a big impact, have time & money freedom and be peaceful while moving forward. In other words, she helps them to be the powerful leaders they are meant to be!

Her clients become Go-Getters and they learn how to start their own business and/or reach their business goals as easy, as simple and as quick as possible.

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