If someone knows what it’s like to transform her life, it’s Francisca Payne. An encounter with God changed the whole course of her life and she literally had to start all over again.

She met God when she was at her lowest point in life: working in the erotic industry and building her own escort business at the same time (with men and women who wanted to work for her).

This encounter changed everything. She literally had to start all over again by FIRST changing her mindset, attitude and behavior. That’s when her life positively started changing in rapid speed.

Francisca started studying again and passed for her exams (Basic Business Management) within six months. She wrote the content of my first book within two weeks and moved to the UK in just a few months later. She published her first book within a year and gave her first workshop (in English) within six months while she was still settling down in Birmingham, UK. One year later she wrote and published two other workbooks, success journals for Christian men and for Christian women. And two year after that she published her new book called ‘7 Steps To Your Calling’, of which she sold 68 copies within four weeks.

Now she shares all the methods and techniques she used to make rapid changes with others so they can transform their life, business and financial situation too.  Francisca works with Christian female entrepreneurs and aspiring authors from all over the globe who desire to achieve their highest potential in life and business (their Life Calling). Her main focus is to help them develop a winner’s mentality with speed!


What others say about working with her:

“She is passionate, target and result oriented, because of that you will book successful steps towards your purpose. I have experienced that with her. Just a lovely woman of God to work with! I am blessed to have her as my business coach.” ~ Berryl Gill

“And I’m going a different direction, at a speed pace! So, I want to stay in touch with you because it’s going very fast! I’m so happy, I often think of you and the program. Keep it up, u are helping others!” ~ O. Mook

“She guided me in getting super clear on my objectives, then helped me break down the details of what it would take to get there with ease and grace. I felt excited, free and totally amazed at the possibilities. Francisca gave above and beyond of her time and energy to help me get clear on what I need to do and how I need to do it.” Marvis Castillo, Curacao