Hi, my name is Francisca Payne and I am the founder of Qualified To Win, a personal development company, that helps you to develop a winning mentality so that you can create more success in your life and make a bigger impact in the world through your business – if you have one.

I had an encounter with God in 2013 and it changed the whole course of my life. I literally had to start all over again!

This happened when I was at my lowest point in life – I was giving up on myself and on a potential better future. I was setting up my own escort business and had men and women who were ready to work for me. And even though I knew deep within myself that I was created to do something different…I threw in the towels and went into a completely different direction.

The encounter changed everything. The very first thing I realized I had to do was to change my way of thinking. In fact my experience of God changed my whole mindset. I got born-again and started developing a new mentality, which I call a winning mentality. And it was this shift that started changing everything for me in rapid speed.

I started studying again and passed for my Basic Business Management exams within six months, after living in Belgium for a year and a few months. When I realized that I had writing skills, I wrote the content of my first book, called Be A Winner, in two weeks time and moved to the United Kingdom a few months later.

I self-published my book within a year and gave my first Self-Confidence Boost workshop within six months while I was still trying to settle in the UK. And even though English isn’t my first language (Dutch is), I managed to create success on my new entrepreneurial path within a short period of time.

One year after my first book, I self-published two success journals within a few months time. And when I saw that my 10-years old son also had the same skills, I helped him to self-publish his first children’s book called The Party Crashers – within just a few months. His accomplishment didn’t stay unknown: he had his first interview within a few weeks with a journalist of the The Voice, which is the only British national Afro-Caribbean weekly newspaper operating in the United Kingdom since 1982. As a result of that he received a call from Potential Unlocked Tuition in Birmingham with an invitation to receive an award for his accomplishment.

My books are now a source of inspiration in Christian communities all over the world. Pastors, deacons and church members all use my books during bible studies, church services, women events and even book clubs. In 2018 I published another book called ‘7 Steps To Your Calling’, of which I sold 68 copies within the first four weeks!

Not only did I help aspiring authors to also write and self-publish their own books, I have also worked with female Christian entrepreneurs to help them overcome their emotional and mental blocks, such as fears and doubts. My straight-to-the point (typically Dutch) approach, my deep understanding of how to connect with your true self and of how to stretch your mindset help all my clients to become more confident, bold and fearless. 

I continued to study and am now a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner via Joe Vitale. This qualification allows me to help you uncovers the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits and patterns of thinking that stop you from creating the success you want. And by using a range of reprogramming techniques I help you to banish those blocks and replace them with the ones that serve you better.

If you are ready and want help to stretch your mindset and bring out your ability to perform at a higher level in your life and/or business, then there is an opportunity to work with me. I will not only hold your hand (if needed), I will also inspire, encourage and motivate you to be more SELF-DISCIPLINED so that you can make a bigger impact, have more time and money freedom and feel extremely peaceful while making positive progress.

‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.’ (NLT)

My clients are leaders…real champions! For more info about my services, you can reach out to me via Social media and/or via this link for a Cyber Chat! >> schedule a chat