Hi! My name is Francisca Payne and I am very happy and exited that you are here on my website!

I am a Spiritual Success Coach and a  Life Calling Strategist and I work with women from all over the world who know their Calling and need some help and support to fulfill it.

My clients are women who are dealing with different types of problems but the most common problems are a result of 1) fears and doubts, 2) insecurity and/or 3) a low self-confidence.

Because I am walking in my own Calling as an author, coach, strategist, trainer and speaker I can easily share the methods and strategies I have learned and applied myself. The experiences and knowledge that I have gained on my career- and spiritual journey – are also valuable resources for my clients and help them get WONDERFUL RESULTS!

Whether it’s writing your next book, starting your own business or bringing your business to the next level, filling your Calling requires lots of work, patience and PERSEVERANCE.

Working with me will help you to overcome your emotional and mental blocks and help you become more focused, productive, confident and happier even if you have tried to achieve your goals in many other ways without success. 

Right now you’re on my website so I know that you are ready to live your life the way God has inspired you to live it. You are ready to see your God-given dreams come through.

I totally understand how you feel. I have been there too.

When I started walking with God, I immediate stopped the business I was in because it didn’t glorify God at all. I literally had to start with my life all over again. And since I had no clue where to start I asked God what to do. He told me that I had skills and talents and how I was supposed to use them. That’s when my journey started. I learned from God how to achieve goals within a short period of time, with focus and determination.

I started studying again and passed for my exams (Basic Business Management) within 6 months. I wrote the content of my first book within two weeks and when I moved to the UK (a few months later) I published my first book within a year. I gave my first workshop within 6 months while I was still settling down in this new country. One year later I wrote and published two Success Journals. Now I help women from all over the world to fulfill their own Calling too while I also teach them how to develop a winner’s mentality, through the power of God that is within us.

I know that your goal is to walk in your Calling and to fulfill the vision God gave you, so I  want to encourage you to have a look on my website and choose one of the programs I created to help you with that.

You don’t have to do this all alone!




11 Cool Facts About Me

  • I am a happy mother of 2 beautiful children; a boy and a girl
  • I was born in the Netherlands and moved to the UK in 2014
  • The first business I started was in the Health & Wellness sector (before I started the one that didn’t glorify God)
  • I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t enjoy eating pepper
  • I love going on holidays to warm & tropical places (see picture)
  • I went to three beautiful islands: Jamaica, St. Vincent and Guadeloupe (see picture)
  • I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in 2014 & 2016 (see picture)
  • I love going to the cinema & I love watching comedy movies at home
  • I love guitars and I’m still learning how to play one
  • I enjoy meeting up with my friends and go out to eat or drink something at a coffee shop or restaurant
  • I stopped smoking cigarettes in April 2012 and joined the gym since then (sometimes I miss some months but I do love keeping my body as healthy as possible)