You don’t have to live a boring or purposeless life when you are a Christian woman. Going through life without a purpose or feeling stuck and unhappy doesn’t have to be part of your journey. You have a great Calling!

I am here to help you follow & fulfill your Calling and realize your God-given dreams so that you can live a happy and purposeful life in Christ!

I am Francisca Payne and I am very happy and exited that you are here on my website!

I am a Life Calling Strategist and Success Consultant working with Christian women from all over the world who know their Calling but haven’t done anything yet to fulfill it, who have taken steps towards their Calling but got off track after a while OR feel stuck.

I love helping Christian women create a happy and purposeful life.

My clients get WONDERFUL RESULTS! From running successful projects through their own business, working together with organizations in the community, organizing their own events, fulfilling a new role in church, writing their next book, increasing their income and feeling happy and confident.

Fulfilling your Calling requires lots of work, patience and PERSEVERANCE.

I love helping Christian women create the right strategy to fulfill their Calling, become more productive, more confident and happier.

Right now, you are probable frustrated because you haven’t fulfilled your Calling yet, you lack focus and you are not sure what you should do or how you should do it……but at the same time you are ready to go for it and live your life with PURPOSE and reach your HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

Right now you’re just ready to live your life the way God has planned it for you. You are ready to see your God-given dreams come through.

I totally understand how you feel. I have been there.

In fact, when I gave my life to Christ and decided to FOLLOW Him, I stopped immediate with the business I was in because it didn’t glorify God at all.

I literally had to start with my life all over again. And since I had no clue where to start I just asked God what to do. He told me about my skills and talents and how I was supposed to use them. That’s when my journey started. I learned from God how to achieve goals within a short period of time.

I started studying again and passed my exams within 6 months. I wrote the content of my first book within two weeks and when I moved to the UK (a few months later) I published my first book within a year. I gave my first workshop within 6 months while I was still settling in my new country. One year later I wrote and published two new books. And now I help Christian women from all over the world to follow and fulfill their own Calling.

The truth is in order to live the way God inspires you to live and achieve the goals He puts inside your heart, you need to be focused, determined and ready to let go of what doesn’t serve you and/or glorify Him.

I know that your goal is to ‘finally’ follow your Calling and fulfill God’s Vision for your life.

My expertise is helping Christian women Create a Blueprint for their Calling, Speed-Up their Success, Boost their Self-Confidence, Transform their Limiting Believes, Tackle their fears and doubts, Overcome their Challenges AND Develop a Winners Mentality!

My clients are Christian women in various positions and roles, employed & self-employed and in ministry, from all across the globe who are ready to arise and shine. {Isaiah 60:1}


You don’t have to stay stuck, lost or confused any longer.

If you want to live your life like the Queen that you truly are then I’m ready to help you out!


11 Cool Facts About Me

  • I am a happy mother of 2 beautiful children; a boy and a girl
  • I was born in the Netherlands and moved to the UK in 2014
  • The first business I started was in the Health & Wellness sector (before I started the one that didn’t glorify God)
  • I became a follower of Jesus Christ in March 2013
  • I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t eat pepper
  • I love going on holidays to warm & tropical places (see picture)
  • I went to three beautiful islands: Jamaica, St. Vincent and Guadeloupe (see picture)
  • I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in 2014 & 2016 (see picture)
  • I love going to the cinema & I love watching comedy movies at home
  • I love guitars; I get guitar lessons every week
  • I enjoy meeting up with my friends and go out to eat or drink something at a coffee shop or restaurant
  • I stopped smoking cigarettes in April 2012 and joined the gym since then (sometimes I miss some months but I do love keeping my body as healthy as possible)



Official Bio

Francisca Payne is on a mission to help Christian women become the women God has called them to be. Her goal is to help them realize their God-given dreams and become happy & passionate about their lives.

She helps clients from all over the world become highly productive, increase their self-confidence and live a purposeful life. She’s a qualified consultant and life coach, an author and a speaker who’s out to help Christian women create a successful and purposeful life together with God.