Top 4 Ways To Love The Life You Already Have

This week I created a very short video to motivate and inspire my friends and followers on Facebook. They loved it and when I watched it again today I could see why. It was a quick reminder of why we should really do our best to enjoy our lives, preferably every-single-day. I’ll share it HERE with you so that you can watch it too and get some inspiration.

Today, I want to talk about something slightly different than what’s in that video; you might not yet have the exact life you want, but there’s a chance you can love the life you have (more than you currently do).

The thing is that you have the ability to make yourself unhappier than you need to be. Have you ever noticed how we can be very slow to implement anything that would make our lives more enjoyable? Did you see how easy it is to focus on the bad things, fail to see the good things, and tolerate more than you should?

This is why, today, I want to show you a few changes you can make to start loving your life a little bit more. When you make these changes, you’ll shift your energy from negative to positive.

Here are my top 4 ways:

  1. Remove distractions. Distractions always rob you of time and stop you from making progress. You can’t make your life completely free of distractions, but you can come very close. You’ll be in a position to love your life more if you’re not constantly distracted.
  2. Take better care of yourself. You need to get enough sleep, go to the gym, eat better food, and buy some new clothes. Of course, these are just examples but by being nicer to yourself, you’ll notice how much more you will enjoy your life.
  3. Let go of the past. This one has been a hard one for me but the truth is that by spending time and energy reliving negative experiences from the past only lower your mood and your life. So yeh, it’s time to let it go!
  4. Get rid of the things that annoy you. Make a list of everything that gets on your nerves. It might be an overflowing kitchen junk drawer, a squeaky bed, leaky faucet, insufficient income, or weeds in the garden! Start working on this list and eliminate them one at a time. You’ll be amazed how much more you like your life as the list gets smaller.

In fact, your life is better than you think. All you need to do is to make your life better with just a few small changes.

Happiness is a skill more than it is about having a particular set of circumstances. When you do the right things and have the right perspective, your life will be much more enjoyable to you. You can love the life you have without doing anything drastic or winning the lottery!