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The Joy of Being an Authentic Entrepreneur

Sooner or later a question shows up in your mind that you just can’t answer. In fact, you refuse to answer it or ignore it, but it keeps coming back. It’s like a stone in your shoe. First, it’s just an irritation, but left unanswered it becomes a blister, and if that’s left unanswered, pretty […]

3 Habits That Improve Focus

Unless you’re a Buddhist monk, you encounter distractions from time to time that minimize your effectiveness in getting your work done. The internet is especially disrupting with email, messages, status updates, and more. But distractions also include family and our own wandering minds. The big question becomes ‘how can you defeat this tendency?’.   The […]

5 Differences Between Successful & Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what makes your most successful friend so successful? What about your least successful friend? What’s their problem? What’s the difference between those that thrive and those that struggle? There are several differences, and they’re quite obvious if one takes the time to look. If you understand the differences, you can examine […]